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A group of Allied POWs covertly conduct espionage and sabotage from within Stalag 13, a German war camp, while maintaining the appearance of ordinary prisoners.

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1965–1971 Series 6 Seasons168 Episodes

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Wednesday, February 21

The Tiger Hunt

Season 2 • Episode 10

Klink and Hogan wind up in Paris -- Klink for fun, Hogan for business.

Wednesday, February 21

The Tiger Hunt

Season 2 • Episode 11

Hogan befuddles the Gestapo as he continues his efforts to liberate an Allied agent.

Thursday, February 22

Tanks for the Memory

Season 2 • Episode 9

Hogan must photograph and then destroy a German radio-controlled tank.

Thursday, February 22

Will the Real Adolf Please Stand Up

Season 2 • Episode 12

Camp security is raised; Hogan devises a hoax that includes Hitler.

Friday, February 23

Don't Forget to Write

Season 2 • Episode 13

The Luftwaffe high command notifies Klink that he has volunteered for combat.

Friday, February 23

Klink's Rocket

Season 2 • Episode 14

Carter's memory failure endangers a decoy mission to divert german bombers from London.

Monday, February 26

Information Please

Season 2 • Episode 15

The German High Command attempts to upgrade security at Stalag 13 by replacing Klink.

Monday, February 26

Art for Hogan's Sake

Season 2 • Episode 16

Hogan schemes to keep a valuable painting out of Goering's hands.

Tuesday, February 27

The General Swap

Season 2 • Episode 17

Hogan and his men kidnap a German general to trade him for an American general.

Tuesday, February 27

The Great Brinksmeyer Robbery

Season 2 • Episode 18

Hogan schemes to rob a bank to get the cash he needs to buy secret information.

Wednesday, February 28

Praise the Fuehrer and Pass the Ammunition

Season 2 • Episode 19

Hogan mixes real ammo with blanks for upcoming German war games.

Wednesday, February 28

Hogan and the Lady Doctor

Season 2 • Episode 20

A scientist and woman commander leads a plot to sabotage a research lab.

Thursday, February 29

The Swing Shift

Season 2 • Episode 21

Hogan plots to sabotage a German gun factory near Stalag 13; Newkirk poses as a German inductee.

Thursday, February 29

Heil Klink

Season 2 • Episode 22

Hogan hides a German defector in the camp; Klink is convinced the defector is Hitler in disguise.

Friday, March 1

Everyone Has a Brother-In-Law

Season 2 • Episode 23

A tough new officer assigned to Stalag 13 upsets Hogan's plan.

Friday, March 1

Killer Klink

Season 2 • Episode 24

Hogan gets Klink to believe that Schultz hasn't long to live.

Monday, March 4

Reverend Kommandant Klink

Season 2 • Episode 25

Hogan arranges a wedding for a French pilot and gets Klink to marry them.

Monday, March 4

The Most Escape-Proof Prison Camp I've Ever Escaped From

Season 2 • Episode 26

A British POW and escape artist ignores Hogan and plans to escape.

Tuesday, March 5

The Tower

Season 2 • Episode 27

Hogan blackmails a general to keep him from transferring Klink from Stalag 13.

Tuesday, March 5

Colonel Klink's Secret Weapon

Season 2 • Episode 28

Klink becomes the victim of his own tough sergeant ordered to punish prisoners.

Wednesday, March 6

The Top Secret Top Coat

Season 2 • Episode 29

The POWs steal a paper from Klink's coat to prevent Klink's arrest.

Wednesday, March 6

The Reluctant Target

Season 2 • Episode 30

Hogan cons Klink into letting him pose as the prison commander.

Thursday, March 7

The Crittendon Plan

Season 3 • Episode 1

Hogan is frustrated by both friend and foe as he attempts to destroy a Nazi convoy.

Thursday, March 7

Some of Their Planes Are Missing

Season 3 • Episode 2

Hogan must squash the latest German plan to destroy the British air force.

Friday, March 8

D-Day at Stalag 13

Season 3 • Episode 3

The POWs do their part for D-Day; Hogan hoax's the general to think Klink is replacing him.

Friday, March 8

Sergeant Schultz Meets Mata Hari

Season 3 • Episode 4

A Gestapo agent is assigned to gather information about Stalag 13.

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