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Crime drama

An elite state police unit led by Detective Steve McGarrett solve high-profile crimes throughout the Hawaiian islands, from international espionage to organized crime.

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1968–1980 Series 12 Seasons294 Episodes

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Monday, March 4

The Two-Faced Corpse

Season 7 • Episode 8

Autopsy shows the victim of gangland slaying had two physical identities.

Tuesday, March 5

How to Steal a Masterpiece

Season 7 • Episode 9

Thieves break through three security systems to steal art from a millionaire; guest Gail Strickland.

Wednesday, March 6

A Gun for McGarrett

Season 7 • Episode 10

McGarrett and an elegant objets d'art dealer are drawn together.

Thursday, March 7

Welcome to Our Branch Office

Season 7 • Episode 11

A Honolulu businessman accuses McGarrett of shaking him down for "protection money.".

Friday, March 8

Death With Father

Season 6 • Episode 19

The son of a retired federal narcotics agent becomes involved in a heroin-refining operation.

Friday, March 8

Murder With a Golden Touch

Season 6 • Episode 20

A search for sunken treasure leads into the Pacific off Oahu; guests James J. Sloyan, Peter Donat.

Friday, March 8

Nightmare in Blue

Season 6 • Episode 21

Murder-rape investigation points to the police.

Friday, March 8

Mother's Deadly Helper

Season 6 • Episode 22

A violent extremist embarks on a crusade against lax law enforcement.

Friday, March 8

Killer at Sea

Season 6 • Episode 23

A shipboard comic gets into trouble due to his extensive gambling debts.

Friday, March 8

Presenting in the Center Ring -- Murder

Season 7 • Episode 12

Wo Fat resurfaces in Hawaii in pursuit of a visiting foreign minister under Five-0's protection.

Monday, March 11

Bones of Contention

Season 7 • Episode 14

A fossil's disappearance is linked to a death.

Tuesday, March 12

Computer Killer

Season 7 • Episode 15

A computer that has been fed with erroneous information thwarts McGarrett's murder investigation.

Wednesday, March 13

Small Witness, Large Crime

Season 7 • Episode 17

Public defender criticizes a poor child's arrest.

Thursday, March 14

And the Horse Jumped Over the Moon

Season 7 • Episode 20

A member of a heroin smuggling conspiracy tries to sell out for a fix.

Friday, March 15

30,000 Rooms and I Have the Key

Season 6 • Episode 24

A well-to-do jewel thief steals from Waikiki hotel rooms for the thrill of the chase.

Friday, March 15

The Young Assassins

Season 7 • Episode 1

Kidnappers demand the release of two jailed radicals in return for a college professor and Danny.

Friday, March 15

Hawaiian Nightmare

Season 7 • Episode 2

Scientist needing money threatens to trigger a volcano and destroy Hilo.

Friday, March 15

I'll Kill 'Em Again

Season 7 • Episode 3

Postcards from a psychopath precede a series of re-enacted murders.

Friday, March 15

Steal Now, Pay Later

Season 7 • Episode 4

McGarrett is on the trail of a suave crook who peddles his stolen goods to legitimate businessmen.

Friday, March 15

The Hostage

Season 7 • Episode 22

McGarrett clashes with a police captain over the handling of a cop killer.

Monday, March 18

Steve McGarrett and his staff solve crimes in Hawaii.

Tuesday, March 19

Steve McGarrett and his staff solve crimes in Hawaii.

Wednesday, March 20

Steve McGarrett and his staff solve crimes in Hawaii.

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