Extreme Cheapskates

Extreme Cheapskates - TLC


Reality Series




An exploration of the lengths people will go to save money for their families and themselves.

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2011–2014 Reality Series 3 Seasons36 Episodes

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Tuesday, April 30


Season 1 • Episode 4

Victoria's boyfriend Steve moves in to see if he can handle her jarring and flush free lifestyle.

Tuesday, April 30

Feast or Famine

Season 3 • Episode 10

A chef cooks for lobster taste on a tuna fish budget; converting an abandoned hospital into a home.

Tuesday, April 30

The Grass is Always Cheaper

Season 3 • Episode 9

A garden of silk flowers and replacing a lawn with artificial grass.

Tuesday, April 30

Jordan; Michael

Season 2 • Episode 7

A Utah housewife spends only $1,400 a month for her family of five.

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