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Crime drama

Just the facts, ma’am. Two Los Angeles detectives investigate and solve various crimes with a no-nonsense approach, emphasizing realism and attention to detail.

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1967–1970 Series 12 Seasons376 Episodes

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Wednesday, February 21

The Jade Story

Season 9 • Episode 10

Friday and Gannon investigate the reported theft of $200,000 worth of jewelry.

Wednesday, February 21

The Big Shooting

Season 9 • Episode 11

A police officer suffering from a complete blackout cannot identify the convicts who shot him.

Thursday, February 22

The Hit and Run Driver

Season 9 • Episode 12

Friday and Gannon enlist the help of a forensic chemist after two people are killed by a motorist.

Thursday, February 22

The Big Bookie

Season 9 • Episode 13

Friday works under cover in a drive to break up a gambling ring.

Friday, February 23

The Subscription Racket

Season 9 • Episode 14

A swindling salesman uses an authentic Congressional Medal of Honor for his credentials.

Friday, February 23

The Big Gun

Season 9 • Episode 15

Friday and Gannon investigate the death of a Japanese-born widow.

Monday, February 26

The Big Kids

Season 9 • Episode 16

Friday and Gannon track down juvenile shoplifters who steal the oddest things.

Monday, February 26

The Big Bullet

Season 9 • Episode 17

Friday and Gannon investigate an apparent suicide after evidence sheds a new light on the incident.

Tuesday, February 27

The Grenade

Season 10 • Episode 1

When Friday and Gannon trace a teenage suspect to his home, he runs away carrying a live grenade.

Tuesday, February 27

The Shooting Board

Season 10 • Episode 2

Friday finds himself in trouble after he kills a man in self-defense.

Wednesday, February 28

The Badge Racket

Season 10 • Episode 3

Friday and Gannon bait the trap for a pair of shakedown artists who pose as vice officers.

Wednesday, February 28

The Bank Jobs

Season 10 • Episode 4

A bank robber forces women to help him while he holds bank employees at gunpoint.

Thursday, February 29

The Big Neighbor

Season 10 • Episode 5

Friday and Gannon find it difficult to enjoy a football game on TV due to Gannon's neighbors.

Thursday, February 29

The Big Frustration

Season 10 • Episode 6

Friday and Gannon must track down a police sergeant who has turned to alcohol.

Friday, March 1

The Senior Citizen

Season 10 • Episode 7

Friday and Gannon uncover a pattern that leads them to a daring daylight burglar.

Friday, March 1

The Big High

Season 10 • Episode 8

A businessman asks Friday and Gannon for help when his daughter experiments with marijuana.

Monday, March 4

The Big Ad

Season 10 • Episode 9

Friday and Gannon are helped by an ex-con when someone wants to hire a killer.

Monday, March 4

The Missing Realtor

Season 10 • Episode 10

The disappearance of a real estate agent leads Friday and Gannon to a vacant house.

Tuesday, March 5

The Big Dog

Season 10 • Episode 11

Dogs come out as the main suspects in a rash of purse snatchings.

Tuesday, March 5

The Pyramid Swindle

Season 10 • Episode 12

An evangelizing woman lures "prospectors" into her illegal money-making scheme.

Wednesday, March 6

The Phony Police Racket

Season 10 • Episode 13

Men posing as police officers swindle businessmen by soliciting ads for a magazine.

Wednesday, March 6

The Trial Board

Season 10 • Episode 14

Friday and Gannon use an unusual method to clear a fellow officer.

Thursday, March 7

The Christmas Story

Season 10 • Episode 15

Friday and Gannon help to recover a Christ-child statue stolen from a church.

Thursday, March 7

The Big Shipment

Season 10 • Episode 16

When a plane crashes, a large amount of narcotics is found aboard -- but the pilot is missing.

Friday, March 8

The Search

Season 10 • Episode 17

Friday and Gannon investigate the disappearance of two girls from their mother's front yard.

Friday, March 8

The Prophet

Season 10 • Episode 18

Friday and Gannon discover that a cult is concerned with legalizing the sale of marijuana and LSD.

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