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Chef’s Table: Pizza

Chef's Table: Pizza - Netflix




From Portland to Phoenix, Italy to Japan, digging into the best pizzas from around the world prepared by renowned chefs.

Matt Roush

Matt Roush says...

“Pizza is an art.” This assertion is the delectable thread running through all six episodes of the latest iteration of the Emmy-winning foodie franchise, not to be watched on an empty stomach. From Japan to America to, of course, Italy, the series profiles pizza masters whose passion for elevating the basic pie has earned them acclaim and fame. Those telling their inspiring and mouth-watering stories include Rome’s Gabriele Bonci and Franco Pepe from Caiazzo in Italy, Kyoto’s Yoshihiro Imai and closer to home, Sarah Minnick from Portland, Oregon, Chris Bianco from Phoenix and Ann Kim from Minneapolis.

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2022– Reality Series 1 Season6 Episodes

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