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Baratunde Thurston explores the diverse array of regions across the U.S. and how the landscapes shape the way Americans work, play, and interact with the outdoors.

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2022– Reality Series 2 Seasons22 Episodes

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Sunday, May 26

Maine: Embrace the Cold

Season 2 • Episode 6

Maine has a long history of outdoor adventure that even the brutal winters can't deter.

Sunday, May 26

Suwannee: Wild River

Season 2 • Episode 1

The wild Suwannee River inspires a whole range of passions from jet skiers to herpetologists.

Sunday, May 26

Arkansas: Hidden Gems

Season 2 • Episode 2

Arkansas embarks on a mission to earn recognition as an outdoor destination.

Sunday, May 26

New Mexico: Timeless

Season 2 • Episode 3

Exploring how New Mexico's history shapes its outdoor culture, from turkey hunting to rafting.

Sunday, May 26

Oregon: New Heights

Season 2 • Episode 4

Exploring Oregon, from forest bathing and spearfishing to underwater kelp forests and ranching.

Sunday, May 26

Utah: Choose Your Path

Season 2 • Episode 5

From the nomadic Dine tribes to the Mormons, Utah continues to draw people in.

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