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A widow works as a waitress to make a good life for herself and her son.

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1976–1985 Series 9 Seasons203 Episodes

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Wednesday, May 29

Bet a Million Mel

Season 6 • Episode 1

Mel borrows $10,000 to bet with. If he loses, he will lose the diner.

Wednesday, May 29

Guiness on Tap

Season 6 • Episode 2

Vera decides to leave her mark on the world by competing for the world record in tap dancing.

Thursday, May 30

Comrade Mel

Season 6 • Episode 3

Mel gives asylum to a defecting towel boy for the Russian ballet.

Thursday, May 30

Alice's Halloween Surprise

Season 6 • Episode 4

Alice takes her new boyfriend's four children out trick-or-treating and returns with one imposter.

Friday, May 31

Alice's Big Four-Oh!

Season 6 • Episode 5

On the eve of Alice's 40th birthday, her mother visits and convinces her that she's over the hill.

Friday, May 31

Mel's Cousin, Wendell

Season 6 • Episode 6

Mel's nerdy cousin Wendell comes to visit and turns to Mel for advice on how to woo Vera.

Saturday, June 1

Vera and the Bouncing Check

Season 6 • Episode 7

Vera causes trouble for Mel when she cashes an old school friend's check at the diner.

Saturday, June 1

After Mel's Gone

Season 6 • Episode 8

Mel's beneficiaries start squabbling over what they will get when he passes away.

Saturday, June 1

Mel's Recession

Season 2 • Episode 23

The diner has lost money and Mel's accountant suggests he fire one of the waitresses.

Saturday, June 1


Season 2 • Episode 24

The prediction that an earthquake will rock Phoenix has everyone rattled, particularly Alice.

Tuesday, June 4

Mel's Christmas Carol

Season 6 • Episode 9

Mel is visited by his partner's ghost on Christmas Eve.

Tuesday, June 4

The Wild One

Season 6 • Episode 10

Alice impresses the leader of a biker gang when she stands up to him for refusing to pay his check.

Wednesday, June 5

Alice Calls the Shots

Season 6 • Episode 11

At Mel and Earl's urging, Tommy sneaks out to play in a championship basketball game.

Wednesday, June 5

Not With My Niece, You Don't

Season 6 • Episode 12

Tommy's dates with Mel's niece cause anxious moments for both Alice and Mel.

Thursday, June 6

Vera, Queen of the Soaps

Season 6 • Episode 13

Vera becomes hooked on daytime soap operas and quits the diner to watch her favorite show.

Thursday, June 6

Sharples vs. Sharples

Season 6 • Episode 14

Mel explodes when he learns that his mother is including his secret chili recipe in a cookbook.

Friday, June 7

The Valentine's Day Massacre

Season 6 • Episode 15

It's Valentine's Day and everyone in the diner is planning on spending the evening with their dates.

Friday, June 7

Best Little Waitress in the World

Season 6 • Episode 16

Full of self-confidence, Vera is left in charge of the diner for a few minutes.

Saturday, June 8

Alice and the Acorns

Season 6 • Episode 17

Alice tries to boost the confidence of an old high-school friend who is visiting.

Saturday, June 8

Jolene Hunnicutt, Dynamite Trucker

Season 6 • Episode 18

Jolene offers to help her former trucking partner finish his haul.

Saturday, June 8

Take Him, He's Yours

Season 3 • Episode 1

Mel boasts that he could do a better job at raising Tommy, and a frustrated Alice allows him to.

Saturday, June 8

Car Wars

Season 3 • Episode 2

Mel sells his old car to the waitresses, then tries to get it back when he gets a better offer.

Tuesday, June 11

Mel Wins by a Nose

Season 6 • Episode 19

Mel has to have surgery for a deviated septum and considers getting a nose job.

Tuesday, June 11

Give My Regrets to Broadway

Season 6 • Episode 20

Alice's producer friend encourages Tommy to become an actor.

Wednesday, June 12

Vera's Reunion Romance

Season 6 • Episode 21

After attending her class reunion in Boston, Vera returns to Phoenix engaged.

Wednesday, June 12

Monty Falls for Alice

Season 6 • Episode 22

A Las Vegas busboy arrives in Phoenix after breaking up with his fiancee and falls for Alice.

Thursday, June 13

Spell Mel's

Season 6 • Episode 23

To keep up with a competitor, Mel runs a contest offering a $3,000 prize.

Thursday, June 13

My Mother the Landlord

Season 6 • Episode 24

Mel's mother buys the building his apartment is in and raises his rent by $50.

Friday, June 14

Sorry, Wrong Lips!

Season 7 • Episode 1

Mel believes he's the "best kisser" described in an actress's memoirs.

Friday, June 14

Do You Take This Waitress?

Season 7 • Episode 2

Jolene's bribed into pretending she's Mel's girlfriend when one of his old pals arrives for a visit.

Saturday, June 15

The Secret of Mel's Diner

Season 7 • Episode 3

The waitresses find money hidden by the diner's builder.

Saturday, June 15

Alice at the Palace

Season 7 • Episode 4

Mel invests his track winnings in a musical starring Alice, and fires the show's star, Joel Grey.

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