Grant Wilson

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Paranormalist • Personality

Birth Date: July 3, 1974

Age: 50 years old

Birth Place: Providence, Rhode Island

Grant Wilson is an unlikely TV star. He was a Roto Rooter plumber alongside Jason Hawes, when the two discovered they shared an interest in the paranormal. Together the pair formed TAPS, The Atlantic Paranormal Society, a group of amateur ghost hunters in search of evidence of paranormal activity. In 2004, the pair was approached by the Syfy network about a reality series that would follow their motley crew as they traveled to allegedly haunted houses and investigated supposed spirit phenomena.

The resulting reality series, "Ghost Hunters" was a surprise hit and has inspired several spin-offs including "Ghost Hunters International," and "Ghost Hunters Academy," and as well as a string of imitators. Aside from the expeditions on which the show focuses, Wilson and Hawes also participate in ghost hunting events that are open to the paying public. The pair has used these events to raise money for charities like the Shriners Hospitals for Children and Cure Kids Cancer.

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