Edward Kitsis

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Writer • Producer

Birth Date: February 4, 1971

Age: 53 years old

Birth Place: Minnesota

A producer and writer on the smash series "Lost," Edward Kitsis has carved a niche for himself with hit television shows, as well as establishing a successful screenwriting career with "Tron: Legacy." After receiving a degree from the University of Wisconsin, Kitsis moved to Los Angeles along with creative partner Adam Horowitz, and the two became studio assistants. Eventually they landed writing work on an update of the drama series "Fantasy Island," but it was quickly cancelled. By the late 1990s Kitsis was writing the teen drama "Popular" and "Felicity," receiving producer credit on the latter as well. After a stint as a writer and producer on the adventure series "Birds of Prey," he joined up with Horowitz again halfway through the first season of the "Lost." Together, Kitsis and Horowitz penned some of the show's most beloved episodes, stringing together complex and interconnecting plotlines. Over the five years that the two worked on the show they climbed the production totem pole together, moving up to supervising producers, co-executive producers, and then executive producers. By the time "Lost" ended in 2010, Kitsis had penned the screenplay for "Tron: Legacy," a spectacular 3-D sequel to the 1980s sci-fi cult favorite.

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