9 Times 'Outlander's Jamie Fraser Proved He Was the 'King of Men' (PHOTOS)

Meaghan Darwish

As an Outlander viewer, you'd be lying to yourself if you claimed to not see Jamie Fraser as a force of a nature. The hefty highlander captured hearts in Diana Gabaldon's novels and again in Jamie's screen embodiment with Sam Heughan's portrayal in the Starz hit.

One name or nickname that's associated with the Scotsman is the "King of Men," and if you're less familiar with the terminology, then look no further than this line from Caitriona Balfe's Claire in the third season. "If you were to say that in the 20th century, you would be the king of all men," she tells her husband after he admires the grey streaks in her hair.

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13 'Outlander' Moments That Made Us Laugh (PHOTOS)

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Whatever your interpretation of the name is, Jamie Fraser has proven time and again that he's worthy of the title. Above, scroll through the images to see support for the sentiment, and let us know which moments from the series you think best display Jamie's "King of Men" status.

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