Elton John Will Play Himself on ‘Nashville’

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Elton John will play himself on Nashville

The legendary musician will appear on the penultimate episode of Season 4, performing with Sam Palladio’s Gunnar.

The Simpsons predicted The Panama Papers 20 years ago

In a 1996 episode, Bart Simpson exposed Krusty the Klown’s immense tax fraud.

The Walking Dead boss defends finale cliffhanger: “It is all a part of a plan and a part of a story”

“We care about our audience a great deal and I’d love a little more trust,” says Scott M. Gimple, “but that makes the challenge for us to win those angry people back with a great story that much more important and that much harder. I do want to do right by this audience, and I hope to win back or sway some of them.” PLUS: The season finale was doomed to fail, how to quit watching The Walking Dead, and Robert Kirkman is trying to stop others from “hijacking” The Walking Dead brand.

BET acquires the Soul Train brand in hopes of making it cool again

The acquisition includes every Soul Train episode, but BET hopes to grow the brand founded by Don Cornelius.

Parents TV Council: TV’s content ratings system is useless in protecting kids

The conservative watchdog notes that TV-G programs are nonexistent in primetime and that it’s harder to distinguish TV-PG programs from the racier fare on TV-14 shows.

Louis CK on Louie: “I can’t feel that show anymore”

The comedian tells Alan Sepinwall that Horace and Pete was “the best thing I ever made. It may be because Louie feels very far in the past. I can’t feel that show anymore. But I am drenched in the feelings that this show and making this show gave me and revealed for me. And the feelings I have for the characters and the fine people who played them and the crew that executed the show for me with such care. I am terribly sad that it’s over and bracing for whatever wild feelings will follow in its absence from my daily efforts.” PLUS: Horace and Pete provided edge-of-the-seat entertainment for $31, it’s one of the best dramas you’ll see, and how Amy Sedaris improved the finale.

Criminal Minds dumps its longtime casting director over his pay-to-play acting workshops

Scott David, who has been casting for the CBS drama since 2005, was dropped after he was featured in a Hollywood Reporter investigation of casting “workshops” that charge actors for access to exclusive auditions. In addition to his work with Criminal Minds, David owns one of the pay-to-play acting workshop businesses.

Tracy Morgan believes he visited heaven while in a coma

Morgan told Oprah on Super Soul Sunday that he recalls meeting his dad, who died in 1987: “I just remember him saying, ‘I’m not ready for you, son’….He was my best friend in life.”

Has NCIS found Michael Weatherly’s replacement?

British actor Duane Henry will appear in the final two episodes of the season, with an option to become a series regular in Season 14.

Freeform teams with Selena Gomez on a “Latina Empire”

An actual L.A. high school student, Ana Cobarrubias, will serve as a consultant on the proposed series about an 18-year-old Latina singer who’s “destined for greatness.”

Why 11.22.63 deviated so much from Stephen King’s book

Bridget Carpenter, who supervised the Hulu miniseries, talks about all eight episodes, including the finale that was released today. PLUS: 11.22.63 could’ve benefited from Stephen King’s horror conventions.

The Powerpuff Girls reboot is too consciously feminist

“Part of what made the original Powerpuff Girls so great was that it was overtly feminist, but not self-consciously so,” Eric Thurm. “The new Powerpuff Girls uses (a villain literally named) Man Boy to create a staging ground for a literal battle of the sexes, which is fun, but also feels like an example of the show forcing the Powerpuff Girls to justify their own existence. The original series matter-of-factly took the girls’ strength and valor as a given. Fighting monsters could seem almost incidental—in fact, in several episodes they’re just perfect little girls whose ultra-super powers have no bearing on the plot. The original Powerpuff Girls’ feminism was more like sugar, an extra ingredient that helped sweeten the excellent, surprisingly varied narratives beneath.” PLUS: The new episodes aren’t bringing anything new to the table.

Game of Thrones‘ new After the Thrones talk show feels like after-show overkill

All these after-shows feel like “cheapo ratings bait” that don’t offer any new information.

Watch Inside Amy Schumer’s Hamilton-themed sketch, featuring Lin-Manuel Miranda

Schumer has her Hamilton-inspired musical in mind.

Transparent doesn’t need Caitlyn Jenner “stunt casting”a

“The show’s talented ensemble cast speaks for itself,” says Richard Rorke. “Stunt casting of this sort reeks of desperation. Does creator Jill Soloway think more people will tune in to see Jenner? The dismal numbers on Jenner’s own show already promise that won’t happen.” PLUS: Fans fume over Jenner casting.

Speedy Gonzalez may get the motion picture treatment

An animated film based on the Looney Tunes mouse is in the works.

Arrow promotes Echo Kellum

He’ll be a series regular starting with Season 5.

Hulu announces summer premiere dates for Casual, Difficult People and East Los High

They’ll return, respectively, on June 7, July 12 and July 15.