3 Teens Prepare for Motherhood on TLC’s ‘Unexpected’ (VIDEO)

TLC - Unexpected

“No one ever told me that it was so easy to get pregnant,” says Lilly, an 16-year-old expectant mother who is featured on TLC’s new docu-series, Unexpected.

The six-part series follows three teens—McKayla, 16, Lilly, 16, and Lexus, 15—through their surprise pregnancies into the first few weeks of motherhood. The show pulls back the curtain on teenage pregnancy and reveals the real-life ups and downs of becoming a parent at a young age.

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Unexpected also focuses on the teen moms’ family dynamics. In all three of the young girls’ lives, either their parents or grandparents have to step in to help. In McKayla’s case, she’s a third generation teen mom.

To prep for the arrival of Unexpected, TLC is airing an original digital series on TLC GO on Sunday, November 5 titled Unexpected: Baby Bumps. “This four-episode digital series will introduce the three young expectant moms and the families of Unexpected,” according to a press release.

Watch a sneak peek of Unexpected below:

Unexpected: Baby Bumps, Streaming, Nov. 5, TLC GO

Unexpected, Series Premiere, Nov. 12, 10/9c, TLC