Jon Stewart Jokes Benedict Cumberbatch Will Replace Him on The Daily Show

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Jon Stewart jokes Benedict Cumberbatch will replace him on The Daily Show
Stewart’s annual Night of Too Many Stars taped over the weekend, allowing audience members to commit a crime with John Oliver and to bid on selling out with Chris Rock. During his monologue, Stewart said, “The only other place you’ll see this many top comedians together in this one room is on the Internet — list of everyone who should replace me on the Daily Show. Ultimately I believe it’s going to be Benedict Cumberbatch.”

Kim Raver to star in ABC’s The Advocate pilot
The 24 and Grey’s Anatomy alum will play an advocate for patients as they battle the complex healthcare system. PLUS: Ground Floor‘s Briga Heelan joins ABC’s How We Live.

China among the Top 10 countries for House of Cards pirating
Five of the Top 10 countries that pirated Season 3 don’t have Netflix service, including, China, India and Australia. PLUS: Beau Willimon answers more Season 3 burning questions, only one guy makes HoC worth watching, and explaining the Stafford Act.

Some people on Twitter were really ticked off by SNL‘s ISIS parody
Never mind that Saturday Night Live has mocked ISIS before, some people felt that a skit about a father sending Dakota Johnson off with ISIS was in poor taste. Meanwhile, ISIS skit star Taran Killam tweeted: “Proud of this. Freedom to mock is our greatest weapon. Thanks to the writers who asked not to be mentioned by name.”

Fashion Police might replace Kelly Osbourne with NeNe Leakes or Khloe Kardashian
According to Us Weekly, those are the frontrunners for the job in the wake of Osbourne’s exit.

William Shatner held an online funeral for Leonard Nimoy, as he wasn’t able to make it in person
Shatner took issue with the NY Daily News for calling him “Captain Jerk!” for missing the funeral due to a charity commitment.

Watch Larry David’s 60 Minutes profile
Charlie Rose took the Curb Your Enthusiasm star to his childhood apartment in Brooklyn, where Rose noted some similarities between it and Seinfeld.

The Lego Movie guys have known Will Forte for 18 years, and felt he needed to be on TV
Phil Lord and Chris Miller talk about the genesis of The Last Man on Earth, which they are producing: “When we decided we wanted to get back into the TV space, he was the first person we talked to,” says Miller. “We thought his voice really needed to be on television.” PLUS: Forte takes to Reddit.

Meet The Walking Dead‘s Queen of Alexandria
Tovah Feldshuh’s role was a male in the comic books.

Downton Abbey boss: We don’t know when the end will happen
Exec producer Gareth Neame talks about the Season 5 finale, and says of ending Downton: “We just don’t quite know where that end will be. We judge all these things – just as we decide when we want characters to get married or die or whatever, we’ll continue to judge these things.” PLUS: How does Jullian Fellowes decide who gets a happy ending?, and Maggie Smith says she’ll exit after next season.