What Was ‘Jeopardy!’ Contestant Avi’s Snappy Comeback During High School Reunion Tournament?


Jeopardy!’s second day of High School Reunion week takes place during its February 21 episode, where fan favorite Avi Gupta was able to eke out a win after his rather rocky start.

But many are wondering what he whispered under his breath when he answered correctly during Double Jeopardy.

Avi, a senior at Stanford that has raised over $200K for pancreatic cancer research following his 2019 Teen Tournament win had $1,000 going into Double Jeopardy, below fellow contestants Alison ($4,800) and Jack ($11,200).

Avi had a rough beginning beforehand, being deep in the red before the first commercial and scraping himself out with correct answers by the second. Under The Elements category during Double Jeopardy, he got a Daily Double; Avi went all in and had to answer the following question: “This strong, lightweight metal was named for the dozen children of Gaia & Uranus.”

Avi doubled to $14,800 vs. $16,000 for Jack, after which Avi said, “Not gonna get rid of me that easily,” and Jack responded with, “Well done.”

Several fans took to Twitter to find out what Avi said under his breath, as it was hard to hear during the recording. Some say his comment was unsportsmanlike, while others were dying to just know what he said.

However, it was only Avi that answered correctly during Final Jeopardy, with the final scores rounding out to $21,300 for Avi, $4,799 for Jack, and $1 for Alison.

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