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An anthology series based on the stories of Zane Grey, with each episode presenting a distinct and often morally complex tale set on the American frontier.

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1956–1961 Anthology Series 5 Seasons147 Episodes

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Thursday, July 11


Season 4 • Episode 3

A sheriff has a reputation for extracting confessions from the accused.

Thursday, July 11

Lonely Gun

Season 4 • Episode 4

A man risks his life to save his nephew from error.

Friday, July 12

Hand on the Latch

Season 4 • Episode 5

A lonely woman shelters a wounded fugitive against her husband's wishes.

Friday, July 12


Season 4 • Episode 6

A man single-handedly runs a frontier town.

Monday, July 15


Season 4 • Episode 7

A peace treaty is delivered to an Indian chief by black cavalrymen.

Monday, July 15

Lonesome Road

Season 4 • Episode 8

A Kansas town's marshal can't settle down to a sedentary life.

Tuesday, July 16

King of the Valley

Season 4 • Episode 9

Falling cattle prices threaten a land baron's wealth.

Tuesday, July 16

Rebel Ranger

Season 4 • Episode 10

A Civil War widow hopes to reclaim her homestead.

Wednesday, July 17

Death in a Wood

Season 4 • Episode 11

Confederate soldiers observe Yankee positions.

Wednesday, July 17

The Grubstake

Season 4 • Episode 12

A prospector freed from prison reacquaints himself with his son.

Thursday, July 18

The Ghost

Season 4 • Episode 13

John Wilkes Booth, presumed dead, leads a rebel band.

Thursday, July 18

Miss Jenny

Season 4 • Episode 14

A farmer's wife becomes a heroine when threatened.

Friday, July 19


Season 4 • Episode 15

A rancher's hired hand sides with sheepherders in a range dispute.

Friday, July 19


Season 4 • Episode 16

A taciturn blacksmith becomes a knight in shining armor.

Monday, July 22

Picture of Sal

Season 4 • Episode 17

Beautiful woman runs a freewheeling gambling house.

Monday, July 22

Never Too Late

Season 4 • Episode 18

A female rancher wants a gunman to boost her claim on railroad land.

Tuesday, July 23

Man in the Middle

Season 4 • Episode 19

A marshal faces an ethical dilemma.

Tuesday, July 23

Guns for Garibaldi

Season 4 • Episode 20

An Italian officer arrives in town to claim a countryman's mine.

Wednesday, July 24

The Sunday Man

Season 4 • Episode 21

A deputy has an attitude about duty.

Wednesday, July 24


Season 4 • Episode 22

A forced marriage compromises a man's ranch and herd.

Thursday, July 25

Small Town That Died

Season 4 • Episode 23

A town pays the cost of harboring evil.

Thursday, July 25

Killer Instinct

Season 4 • Episode 24

A lawman is increasingly reluctant to do his duty.

Friday, July 26

Sundown Smith

Season 4 • Episode 25

A boy thinks a drifter is the killer sought by a posse.

Friday, July 26

Calico Bait

Season 4 • Episode 26

A deputy tracks a murderer.