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A Brooklyn-born teacher returns to teach at his old high school.

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1975–1979 Series 4 Seasons95 Episodes

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Friday, June 21

Epstein's Madonna

Season 3 • Episode 14

Epstein paints a nude mural for art class using Julie's face.

Friday, June 21

Sweathog Christmas Special

Season 3 • Episode 15

The Sweathogs and the Kotters celebrate the holidays.

Saturday, June 22

Basket Case

Season 1 • Episode 2

Washington makes the basketball team.

Saturday, June 22


Season 1 • Episode 4

Rosalie Totzie announces that one of Gabe's students is the father of her unborn child.

Sunday, June 23

The Election

Season 1 • Episode 5

When Barbarino decides to run for student body president, his campaign techniques create problems.

Sunday, June 23

No More Mr. Nice Guy

Season 1 • Episode 6

Mr. Woodman turns into a nice guy when he begins teaching again.

Monday, June 24


Season 3 • Episode 16

Mr. Woodman threatens to cancel Horshack's spot on the school radio show because of bad ratings.

Monday, June 24

Meet Your New Teacher: Batteries Not Included

Season 3 • Episode 17

Gabe's job is threatened when Mr. Woodman introduces a computer designed to replace teachers.

Tuesday, June 25


Season 3 • Episode 18

The newest girl at Buchanan wants to be a Sweathog.

Tuesday, June 25

Epstein's Term Paper

Season 3 • Episode 19

Epstein buys phony term papers.

Wednesday, June 26

There's No Business ...

Season 3 • Episode 20

The Sweathogs convince Gabe to audition as a stand-up comic at a local hot spot.

Wednesday, June 26

There's No Business ...

Season 3 • Episode 21

Gabe announces that he is leaving his teaching position for a career as a comic.

Thursday, June 27

What Goes Up

Season 3 • Episode 22

When Washington gets hooked on pills, Gabe and the Sweathogs try to help him.

Thursday, June 27

Goodbye Mr. Kripps

Season 3 • Episode 23

Mr. Kripps dies after yelling at Barbarino.

Friday, June 28

Horshack and Madame X!

Season 3 • Episode 24

Horshack falls in love with Julie after she consoles him.

Friday, June 28

The Kiss

Season 3 • Episode 25

Gabe is caught in a compromising position.

Saturday, June 29

Classroom Marriage

Season 1 • Episode 7

The Sweathogs learn about marriage.

Saturday, June 29

One of Our Sweathogs Is Missing

Season 1 • Episode 8

After losing a fight, Epstein disappears because he can't take the harassment from fellow Sweathogs.

Sunday, June 30

Mr. Kotter, Teacher

Season 1 • Episode 9

Gabe is suspended by Mr. Woodman and has to go before the review board on formal charges.

Sunday, June 30

The Reunion

Season 1 • Episode 10

Gabe is reminded of his humble position as a teacher when his old friend comes for a visit.

Monday, July 1

The Return of Hotsy Totsy

Season 3 • Episode 26

The Sweathogs discover that Hotsy Totsy is an exotic dancer and a mother.

Monday, July 1

Class Encounters of the Carvelli Kind

Season 3 • Episode 27

Carvelli has a "close encounter" with the planet Yorxyl.

Tuesday, July 2

The Drop-Ins

Season 4 • Episode 1

After Gabe is promoted to vice principal, the Sweathogs want to drop out of school to take jobs.

Tuesday, July 2

The Drop-Ins

Season 4 • Episode 2

The Sweathogs decide to break up and seek their fortunes outside the walls of Buchanan.

Wednesday, July 3

Beau's Jest

Season 4 • Episode 6

A practical joke backfires when the new Sweathog sets Epstein up for a date with a married woman.

Wednesday, July 3

Don't Come Up and See Me Sometime

Season 4 • Episode 3

Barbarino gets an apartment.

Thursday, July 4

Once Upon a Ledge

Season 4 • Episode 4

A student threatens suicide.

Thursday, July 4

The Sweatmobile

Season 4 • Episode 5

The Sweathogs chip in to buy a car from Barbarino's uncle.

Friday, July 5

Barbarino's Boo-Boo

Season 4 • Episode 7

When Mr. Woodman goes to the hospital for a bunion operation, Barbarino accidentally misplaces him.

Friday, July 5

X-Rated Education

Season 4 • Episode 8

Two films are switched.

Saturday, July 6

Barbarino's Girl

Season 1 • Episode 11

A poor report card helps Gabe convince Barbarino to get a tutor.

Saturday, July 6

California Dreamin'

Season 1 • Episode 12

All the Sweathogs want the attention of a new student at Buchanan, but she only has eyes for Gabe.

Sunday, July 7

Arrivederci, Arnold

Season 1 • Episode 13

When Horshack is promoted to a higher class, everyone wants him to stay with the Sweathogs.

Sunday, July 7

The Longest Weekend

Season 1 • Episode 14

Gabe has trouble adjusting to being alone when Julie goes skiing with a girlfriend.

Monday, July 8

A Brooklyn-born teacher returns to teach at his old high school.

Monday, July 8

A Brooklyn-born teacher returns to teach at his old high school.