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Neighbors turn against each other with frightful consequences.

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2014–2023 Reality Series 9 Seasons95 Episodes

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Friday, April 26


Season 5 • Episode 4

A homeowner's dashed hopes set the stage for an act of violence that threatens to claim many lives.

Friday, April 26

Feud on the Frontier

Season 4 • Episode 4

A feud over a dog between two men leaves one of them dead and the other in a standoff with police.

Friday, April 26

Deadly Turn

Season 6 • Episode 4

A couple suspects their new neighbors are involved in the drug trade, leading to a bloody conflict.

Friday, April 26

I'm Not Moving

Season 7 • Episode 2

A Detroit man wishes his neighbor lived on the opposite end of 8 Mile Road.

Monday, April 29

Desperate Times, Deadly Measures

Season 4 • Episode 2

Neighbors unleash a campaign of intimidation and harassment that ends in a bloodbath.

Monday, April 29

Games of Homes

Season 6 • Episode 2

Disruptive new neighbors cause a feud that comes to a bloody end during a winter storm.

Monday, April 29

Philly Fallout

Season 7 • Episode 11

The building of a backyard shed destroys a yearslong, close relationship between two neighbors.

Saturday, May 4

Blizzard of Blood

Season 8 • Episode 1

A single woman and her two young sons believe they have found a perfect new apartment.

Saturday, May 4

Inferno of Hate

Season 8 • Episode 13

A lifelong resident of his neighborhood despairs when he sees it descend into vice and criminality.

Saturday, May 4

Commanded to Kill

Season 9 • Episode 4

The paranoid delusions of one young man compel him to conspire to kill the family next door.

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