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A bachelor’s life changes when he takes in three orphaned children.

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1966–1971 Series 5 Seasons138 Episodes

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Monday, February 26

Fat, Fat, the Water Rat

Season 2 • Episode 7

A jobless man (Jackie Coogan) thinks Bill needs money.

Tuesday, February 27

The Toy Box

Season 2 • Episode 8

Bill lays down tough rules for the siblings.

Wednesday, February 28

Take Me Out of the Ball Game

Season 2 • Episode 9

Buffy, not Jody, turns out to be a star ballplayer.

Thursday, February 29

You Like Buffy Better

Season 2 • Episode 10

The siblings compete for Bill's attention.

Friday, March 1


Season 2 • Episode 11

Freddie comes to visit Bill and falls in love with the children.

Monday, March 4

Our Friend Stanley

Season 2 • Episode 12

A disabled boy's mother thinks Jody is too rough.

Tuesday, March 5

Star Dust

Season 2 • Episode 14

A movie star is ready to give up her career if Bill will marry her.

Wednesday, March 6

Best of Breed

Season 2 • Episode 15

The apartment manager won't let the twins keep a stray dog.

Thursday, March 7

Family Reunion

Season 2 • Episode 16

In Indiana, Aunt Fran makes a bid to keep the children.

Friday, March 8

A Man's Place

Season 2 • Episode 17

French and a friend decide to open a restaurant.

Monday, March 11

The Great Kow-Tow

Season 2 • Episode 18

A grandfatherly Chinese (Keye Luke) "adopts" the twins.

Tuesday, March 12

The Fish Watchers

Season 2 • Episode 19

Bill plays detective after he discovers thefts on a construction site.