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Parts testing and engine-to-engine shootouts; Steve Dulcich, David Freiburger, and Steve Brule host.

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2015– Reality Series 8 Seasons162 Episodes

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Saturday, June 1

1,500 HP, the Blown and Squeezed BBC Way!!

Season 5 • Episode 11

The guys take 555 BBC and the Blower Shop then test the difference in power between gas and e85.

Sunday, June 2

Engine Personality Test: Camshaft LSA Explained

Season 5 • Episode 12

Monday, June 3

Do Cylinder Heads Matter Under Boost?

Season 6 • Episode 1

The relationship among cylinder head flow, liberal application of boost and horsepower.

Monday, June 3

Does Octane Make Power?

Season 6 • Episode 2

The guys run tests with 87, 91, 110, 116 and even E85 to see if higher octane can make more power.

Tuesday, June 4

Pantastic News!

Season 5 • Episode 3

The guys flip things upside down to find out how much power might be left in the oil pan.

Tuesday, June 4

Iron vs. Aluminum Heads: A Study of Heat

Season 5 • Episode 4

The guys try to shed light on whether iron or aluminum heads will deliver more power.

Wednesday, June 5

Advances in Cam Timing

Season 5 • Episode 5

A camshaft is causing issues, so the crew explores how changes to cam timing can help the situation.

Wednesday, June 5

Free Valvetrain Tuning for More Power!

Season 5 • Episode 6

The guys experiment with lash adjustments in an effort to unleash some serious ponies.

Thursday, June 6

Single vs. Dual Exhaust

Season 5 • Episode 7

The guys determine whether a dual 2.5-inch or a single 3.0-inch exhaust system has more power.

Thursday, June 6

Carb Spacers: Gimmick or Gold?

Season 5 • Episode 8

The guys answer the question of whether a carb spacer produces more power.

Friday, June 7

The Mystery of the Great 4/7 Swap

Season 5 • Episode 9

The guys test the belief that a swap of the firing order can create more power in a 90-degree v-8.

Friday, June 7

Windsor Manifold Showdown

Season 5 • Episode 10

The guys take four of the most popular dual-plane intake manifolds and strap them to the test mule.

Saturday, June 8

The Turbo MoHo 4-4-0

Season 5 • Episode 13

Sunday, June 9

Welcome to a Day at the Dyno!

Season 5 • Episode 14

The guys go through the basics of bringing a motor to the dyno cell for the very first time.