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A boy genius cooks up trouble in his bedroom laboratory.

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1996–2003 Series 4 Seasons413 Episodes

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Monday, March 4

Topped Off; Dee-Dee's Tail; No Power Trip

Season 2 • Episode 22

Dexter and Dee Dee decide to try their parents' favorite drink, coffee.

Monday, March 4

Sister Mom; The Laughing

Season 2 • Episode 23

Dexter panics when the principal asks his mother to a meeting about his behavior.

Tuesday, March 5

Dexter's Lab: A Story; Coupon for Craziness; Better off Wet

Season 2 • Episode 24

Lost dog; supermarket doubles; summer pool dare.

Tuesday, March 5

Critical Gas; Let's Save the World, You Jerk; Average Joe

Season 2 • Episode 25

Painful burrito; destructive meteors; lowered IQ.

Wednesday, March 6

Rushmore Rumble; A Boy and His Bug; You Vegetabelieve It!

Season 2 • Episode 26

Dexter battles Mandark at Mount Rushmore; Dee Dee's plant needs help.

Wednesday, March 6

That's Using Your Head; Dad Is Disturbed; Framed

Season 2 • Episode 31

Dexter tries to help an alien to get home; Dexter's dad tries to watch television.

Thursday, March 7

Blackfoot and Slim; Trapped With a Vengeance; The Parrot Trap

Season 2 • Episode 36

Dexter's family becomes the subject of a study on family life.

Thursday, March 7

Just an Old Fashioned Lab Song; Repairanoid; Dim

Season 2 • Episode 32

Dexter has to search for a replacement light bulb when his laboratory is plunged into darkness.

Monday, March 11

Sun, Surf, Science; Sdrawcab; The Continuum

Season 2 • Episode 33

Dee Dee tampers with Dexter's time machine; Dexter seals his laboratory.

Monday, March 11

Dexter and Computress Get Mandark!; Pain in the Mouth; Dexter vs. Santa's Claws

Season 2 • Episode 37

Dexter wants to make Mandark's head shrink; Krunk needs a tooth pulled; Dexter is wrong about Santa.

Tuesday, March 12

Dee Dee's Rival; Pslyghtly Psycho; Game for a Game

Season 2 • Episode 35

Dee Dee meets a new student; the family cleans house; Dee Dee and Dexter deal with a rainy day.

Tuesday, March 12

Lab-retto; Dyno-might

Season 2 • Episode 38

Dexter tells how he built his secret lab through opera; Blue Falcon needs a new robotic sidekick.

Wednesday, March 13

Big Bots; Gooey Aliens That Control Your Mind; Misplaced in Space

Season 2 • Episode 34

Dexter builds a robot for Dee Dee; an alien takes over the brains of Mom, Dad and Dee Dee.

Wednesday, March 13

Old Flame; Don't Be a Hero; My Favorite Martian

Season 2 • Episode 28

Dexter tries to be like his favorite superhero; Dee Dee hides on Dexter's rocket.

Thursday, March 14

The Old Switcherooms; Trick or Treehouse; Paper Route Bout

Season 2 • Episode 29

Dee Dee faces a team of paper boys; Dee Dee and Dexter are forced to go to each other's rooms.

Thursday, March 14

Accent You Hate; Catch of the Day; Quiet Riot

Season 2 • Episode 30

Dexter just wants to sleep after working all night; a bully goes after Dexter.

Monday, March 18

Streaky Clean; A Dad Cartoon; Sole Brother

Season 3 • Episode 1

Dexter invents a washing machine satellite; Dad tries to wash his car.

Monday, March 18

Mind Over Chatter; A Quakor Cartoon; Momdark

Season 3 • Episode 2

Dexter creates an invention that allows him to read minds, but the only mind being read is his own.

Tuesday, March 19

Copping an Attitude; A Failed Experiment; The Grand Daddy of All Inventions

Season 3 • Episode 3

Ready to learn, Dexter finds out that college is party central.

Tuesday, March 19

Poppa Wheelie; A Mom Cartoon; Mockside of the Moon

Season 3 • Episode 4

Dexter hires an actor to play his father for career day.

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