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Exploring the stories through firsthand accounts told by people who are close to the crime.

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2017–2023 Reality Series 13 Seasons318 Episodes

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Wednesday, June 12

The Target

Season 10 • Episode 49

A luxury car salesman gets a surprising visit from a beautiful customer who wants someone murdered.

Wednesday, June 12

The Disappearance of Laci Peterson

Season 10 • Episode 50

A comprehensive report with rarely seen interrogation video and new insight from prosecutors.

Wednesday, June 12

Secrets in the Smoky Mountains

Season 10 • Episode 51

Bob McClancy's death is ruled a suicide, but loved ones are suspicious.

Wednesday, June 12

Mystery in Big Sky Country

Season 10 • Episode 52

When a veterinarian is found dead in a small Montana town, it launches a mystery.

Wednesday, June 12

Something Sweet

Season 10 • Episode 57

On a warm August day, Ray Kotomski quenches his thirst with a cool drink and dies within hours.

Wednesday, June 12

House of Horrors New

Season 13 • Episode 2

When Nichole and her son are found dead, investigators wonder if this is a murder-suicide.

Wednesday, June 12

Before Dawn

Season 10 • Episode 53

Lisa Techel is newly married and pregnant when she's shot to death; police questions the neighbor.

Wednesday, June 12


Season 10 • Episode 54

A mystery links three women with one man in a case of jealousy, secret identity and murder.

Thursday, June 13

A Perfect Spot

Season 10 • Episode 58

A married couple plan a Valentine's Day rendezvous, but the secluded spot becomes a crime scene.

Thursday, June 13

The Halloween Party

Season 10 • Episode 55

Chelsea had her costume ready, but she never imagined she would encounter evil that night.

Friday, June 14

Friends Until Death

Season 10 • Episode 59

Jessie Blodgett was an actress; the morning after a performance, Jessie's mother found her dead.

Saturday, June 15

Death Trap

Season 8 • Episode 23

Pizza deliveryman Brian Wells robs a bank with a bomb strapped around his neck.

Saturday, June 15

One Moment

Season 8 • Episode 22

A young mother who is pregnant with her second child is gunned down on her way to work.

Monday, June 17

Mystery on Sunrise Drive

Season 10 • Episode 19

Real estate developer Gary Triano lived large; his murder was a bold statement.

Monday, June 17

Deadly Betrayal

Season 10 • Episode 4

Sabrina admits to killing Lisa, but no one understands why, which complicates the case immensely.

Monday, June 17

Lethal Weapon

Season 10 • Episode 5

A successful, seemingly healthy doctor collapses, leaving friends and colleagues puzzled.

Tuesday, June 18

What Lies Beneath

Season 10 • Episode 7

Solving the mystery of Lynn Friend, a devoted mother who had wedding plans when she vanished.

Tuesday, June 18

Fatal Attraction

Season 10 • Episode 8

A top doctor known for saving lives finds himself fighting for his own after he is poisoned.

Tuesday, June 18

Shining Star

Season 10 • Episode 9

A tenacious defense attorney's promising career is cut short when she is murdered.

Tuesday, June 18

Queen of the County

Season 10 • Episode 10

The Harkey matriarch went missing, so investigators focused on the family tree.

Tuesday, June 18

After Midnight

Season 10 • Episode 11

A killer's motivation for the murder of a college freshman becomes the foundation for his defense.

Wednesday, June 19

Miami Heat

Season 10 • Episode 12

Police probe the shooting of father and his infant son on the streets of Miami.

Wednesday, June 19

The Long Road

Season 10 • Episode 21

Those involved in the crime thought they had buried the secrets of the past.

Wednesday, June 19

The Pink Skirt Plot

Season 11 • Episode 30

The murder of a young businessman marks the start of a 15-year-long hunt to find the killer.

Wednesday, June 19

The Family Secret

Season 11 • Episode 28

It is common for Lloyd Ford to be gone for long and when he disappears, it doesn't raise many flags.

Monday, June 24

The Evil to Come

Season 10 • Episode 16

A beloved socialite in the suburbs of New York becomes an unlikely target for a brutal murder.

Monday, June 24

True Lies

Season 10 • Episode 17

A woman is brutally murdered in her bed and her husband and son begin blaming each other.

Monday, June 24

Someone Was Out There

Season 10 • Episode 13

A murder followed by an attack; police discover a chilling connection between the victims.

Monday, June 24

Secrets at Sunshine Motel

Season 10 • Episode 14

The owner of a thriving estate company and beloved patriarch fails to show up at a meeting.

Tuesday, June 25


Season 10 • Episode 15

Investigators try to find a link between two people separated by 1,500 miles.

Tuesday, June 25

Finding Savanna

Season 10 • Episode 18

Baby Savanna disappears in the midst of a custody battle, and mystery spans two decades.

Tuesday, June 25


Season 10 • Episode 22

Heather Bogle worked a graveyard shift to support her daughter, then went missing.

Tuesday, June 25


Season 10 • Episode 23

Nick and Kristy were busy planning their future when she found him dead in the bedroom.

Tuesday, June 25

The Early Shift

Season 10 • Episode 24

Michelle Mockbee met an untimely death at the warehouse where she and her husband worked.

Wednesday, June 26

Prairie Confidential

Season 10 • Episode 25

Angila Wilder was a busy mom, working to make her dream of becoming a nurse come true.

Wednesday, June 26

Bringing Brooke Home

Season 11 • Episode 29

Brooke Wilberger was kidnapped; her family begged for her return, but months passed.

Wednesday, June 26

In Plain Sight

Season 10 • Episode 41

Amber Dubois disappeared in the San Diego area and the search turned up nothing.

Wednesday, June 26

The Valentine's Day Mystery

Season 10 • Episode 36

He was a wealthy doctor with a perfect wife; then, he found her dead on Valentine's Day.

Wednesday, June 26

Suspicion in Silver City

Season 10 • Episode 29

Cassy Farrington, a mother of two, was found dead in her bathtub; Cassy's parents look for justice.

Wednesday, June 26

Deadly Exposure

Season 10 • Episode 70

Hundreds of Americans die every year from accidental carbon monoxide poisoning.

Wednesday, June 26

Out of The Shadows New

Season 13 • Episode 4

The investigation into a newlywed's murder starts with a widow; ends with a possible serial killer.

Wednesday, June 26

The Last Day

Season 10 • Episode 35

Erin Corwin vanishes from the hiking trails in Joshua Tree National Park.

Wednesday, June 26

Finding Sarah Goode

Season 10 • Episode 34

Single mom Sarah Goode went missing after a night out with friends.

Friday, June 28

The Night Brianna Vanished

Season 10 • Episode 40

When a college student vanishes, investigators discover she isn't the kidnapper's first victim.

Saturday, June 29


Season 10 • Episode 39

A drummer's family and the police are determined to work together in a race against the clock.

Saturday, June 29

Bitter Pill

Season 10 • Episode 38

Rosie and Yazeed Essa seemed to have an ideal life until a fatal fender bender shattered it all.