Couples Court With the Cutlers

Couples Court With the Cutlers - Syndicated


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Married trial attorneys Dana and Keith Cutler preside over disputes involving couples.

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2017– Reality Series 3 Seasons360 Episodes

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Monday, April 15

Asevedo vs. Altamirano

Season 3 • Episode 95

A man is accused of cheating after his fiancée discovers another woman's underwear in their bed.

Monday, April 15

Staves vs. Staves

Season 3 • Episode 96

A woman suspects that her husband is sleeping with one of their neighbors.

Tuesday, April 16

Drews vs. Drews

Season 3 • Episode 97

A woman believes that her husband is sleeping with other women in their bed.

Tuesday, April 16

Ducharme vs. Staley

Season 3 • Episode 99

A woman's ex offers testimony regarding her mysterious dealings with another man.

Wednesday, April 17

Heyman vs. Williams

Season 3 • Episode 98

A woman suspects her strip-club loving boyfriend has been unfaithful.

Wednesday, April 17

Robinson vs. Holmes

Season 3 • Episode 100

The court reveals additional information a sneaky man's girlfriend knew nothing about.

Thursday, April 18

Dallas vs. Johnson

Season 3 • Episode 103

A sex video is at the core of a dispute over whether a man has cheated on his girlfriend.

Thursday, April 18

Gardner vs. Dix

Season 3 • Episode 101

A woman discovers that her fiancé sent a photo of his "privates" to a co-worker.

Friday, April 19

Anderson vs. Burns

Season 3 • Episode 102

A marriage is at stake because a woman suspects her husband is cheating with his "side chicks."

Friday, April 19

Steele vs. Bennett

Season 3 • Episode 105

A man believes his fiancée is actively using online dating sites to meet and cheat with other men.

Monday, April 22

Update Show: Marriage Mayhem

Season 3 • Episode 104

Judges Keith and Dana Cutler deliver updates on some of the couples who appeared in their courtroom.

Monday, April 22

Monigold vs. Gould

Season 3 • Episode 106

A wife accuses her husband of cheating after finding another woman's clothing in their bedroom.

Tuesday, April 23

Johnson vs. Myers

Season 3 • Episode 108

The paternity of an unborn child is in question and a relationship is on the line due to an affair.

Tuesday, April 23

Dickerson vs. Manuel

Season 3 • Episode 107

A woman discovers a mysterious apartment lease in her boyfriend's car.

Wednesday, April 24

Kempf vs. Johnson

Season 3 • Episode 110

Accusations of cheating jeopardize a young couple's fairy-tale wedding plans.

Wednesday, April 24

McElfresh vs. McElfresh

Season 3 • Episode 109

A 46-year-old woman accuses her 23-year-old husband of cheating with younger women.

Thursday, April 25

Vega vs. Batista

Season 3 • Episode 112

A woman believes her baseball-loving, Latin-lover fiancé is still playing the field.

Thursday, April 25

Bryant vs. Bryant

Season 3 • Episode 111

Momma Dee of "Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta" is accused of cheating on her husband.

Friday, April 26

Johnson vs. Johnson

Season 3 • Episode 114

A woman seeks a polygraph examination on her husband to find out if he's cheating.

Friday, April 26

McGill vs. Lewis

Season 3 • Episode 113

A woman finds evidence of other women in the car she shares with her boyfriend of 11 years.

Monday, April 29

Thomas vs. Lagrand

Season 3 • Episode 115

A wedding is postponed after a man returns home to find his naked fiancée in bed with another man.

Monday, April 29

Masten vs. Walls

Season 3 • Episode 116

A woman believes her carpenter boyfriend is climbing more than ladders after work.

Tuesday, April 30

Durden vs. Baggarly

Season 3 • Episode 117

A woman fears she may lose her boyfriend the same way she got him: through cheating.

Tuesday, April 30

Canady vs. Goodwin

Season 3 • Episode 118

A woman is confronted by a mystery woman claiming to have slept with her boyfriend.

Wednesday, May 1

Banks vs. Banks

Season 3 • Episode 119

A man thinks his older wife may be carrying on an affair with his much-younger friend.

Wednesday, May 1

McCroy vs. Tozer

Season 3 • Episode 120

A woman learns her five children's father may be using a dating sex profile to pick up other women.

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