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Clifford, a 20-foot-tall red dog who loves stories, and his owner, Emily Elizabeth, enjoy new adventures as they explore their island home.

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2000–2003 Series 3 Seasons276 Episodes

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Monday, July 22

Fortune Teller; The Goat Boat

Season 3 • Episode 34

Clifford becomes worried after getting his fortune told at the Birdwell Fun Fair.

Tuesday, July 23

Dog Who Cried Bark!; The Fort Box

Season 3 • Episode 33

Emily Elizabeth, Clifford and his doggy friends help prepare the beach for a storm.

Wednesday, July 24

The Birdwell Island Blues; The Big Red World

Season 3 • Episode 13

Emily Elizabeth's bad mood causes a chain reaction; the gang takes a pretend world tour.

Thursday, July 25

Towel Team, Go!; Puppy Preschool

Season 3 • Episode 14

The kids search for Fire Chief Franklin's missing medal of bravery; puppy preschool.

Friday, July 26

The Big Red Tomato; Dogbot

Season 3 • Episode 12

Emily Elizabeth and Jack try to decide what to make with their huge tomato.

Monday, July 29

A Reasonable Eggsplanation; The Special Agents of Birdwell Island

Season 3 • Episode 15

When Clifford and Emily Elizabeth find what they think is a dinosaur egg, they vow to care for it.

Tuesday, July 30

Mount Norma; Hide and Sneak

Season 3 • Episode 11

The kids pretend to be mountain climbers and overcome pretend obstacles; hide-and-seek.

Wednesday, July 31

Captain Chrysalis; It's Berry Season!

Season 3 • Episode 16

Pablo's butterfly hatches; Emily Elizabeth and Clifford get up early to pick berries.

Thursday, August 1

Too Many Pets; Clifford's on His Own

Season 3 • Episode 26

Emily Elizabeth opens Clifford and Emily Elizabeth's Awesome Pet Daycare.

Friday, August 2

Whale of a Time; Clifford's Museum

Season 3 • Episode 18

Emily Elizabeth and Clifford go whale watching; Clifford's Museum of Lost Things.

Monday, August 5

Cool Clubhouse; The Birdwell Islandeers

Season 3 • Episode 30

Building a clubhouse causes friction between Emily Elizabeth, Samantha and Pablo.

Tuesday, August 6

Searchers of the Lost Coin; Birdwell Backwards

Season 3 • Episode 25

Pablo loses his lucky coin while playing kickball with his friends; Backwards Day.