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A trio of fast-food items — Frylock, Master Shake, and Meatwad — works to solve mysteries in South Jersey.

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2000–2023 Series 12 Seasons166 Episodes

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Saturday, March 9


Season 12 • Episode 1

In a virtual world of endless possibilities, Shake plays video games and fights with Meatwad.

Saturday, March 9

A Quiet Shake

Season 12 • Episode 2

On Earth, everyone can hear screams.

Saturday, March 9

Scrip2 2i2le: The Ts Are 2s

Season 12 • Episode 3

Chap2er 2wo of 2he Grea2es2 Mo2ion Pic2ure 2rilogy ever 2i2led.

Saturday, March 9

Get Lit Upon a Situpon

Season 12 • Episode 4

Pigs step aside to make way for fitness.

Saturday, March 9


Season 12 • Episode 5

Three food items and their life together in South Jersey.

Saturday, March 9

The Dudies

Season 10 • Episode 2

Shake asks Carl for help train to earn the title of The Coolest Guy.