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Two very different women, one black and one white, share a close friendship and confront societal challenges across different decades in Alabama.

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1998–2002 Series 4 Seasons91 Episodes

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Friday, April 19


Season 1 • Episode 2

Rene represents a rape victim whose assailant wants custody of their child.

Saturday, April 20

Eve of Destruction

Season 1 • Episode 3

A neighbor sues M.E.; the Cuban Missile Crisis prompts bed-wetting incidents.

Sunday, April 21

It's Called Depression

Season 1 • Episode 4

Mary Elizabeth wants more romance in her marriage; Rene's new beau wants one thing.

Tuesday, April 23


Season 1 • Episode 5

While preparing a biography of Rene's father, M.E. uncovers a disillusioning secret.

Wednesday, April 24

No Comment

Season 1 • Episode 6

Rene defends a city councilman accused of taking kickbacks; children's march.

Thursday, April 25

Please Don't Tell My Mother

Season 1 • Episode 7

Gun threats at school; Kelly is arrested; young Rene matures.

Friday, April 26

Courage ... It Means Heart

Season 1 • Episode 8

Mary Elizabeth seeks help when caring for her aging grandmother.

Saturday, April 27

You Shoulda Seen My Daddy

Season 1 • Episode 9

M.E. tries a little too hard to get her friends and Rene's to get along.

Sunday, April 28

Call Him Johnny

Season 1 • Episode 10

Rene tries to help a white couple adopt a black child; Mary Elizabeth discovers she's pregnant.

Sunday, April 28

You Promise? I Promise

Season 2 • Episode 1

Rene represents a man who is to be sterilized against his will.

Sunday, April 28

You Really Believe in That Stuff?

Season 2 • Episode 2

M.E.'s daughter goes gothic; Rene is sued for malpractice; young Rene baptizes M.E.

Sunday, April 28

It's a Man's World

Season 2 • Episode 3

Rene and Bill search for a home; intern bonds with M.E.'s boss.

Sunday, April 28

Don't Say Anything

Season 2 • Episode 4

Bill's children cause friction; M.E.'s co-worker wants her to lie.

Sunday, April 28

Heads or Tails

Season 2 • Episode 5

Rene represents a man involved in a murder that took place 20 years ago.

Sunday, April 28

So This Is Intimacy

Season 2 • Episode 6

Rene and Bill consider eloping; Colliar reveals a secret.

Sunday, April 28

It's Not You, It's Me

Season 2 • Episode 7

Rene defends a reckless driver; M.E. makes a decision; young M.E. makes a new friend.

Sunday, April 28

Family Is Family

Season 2 • Episode 8

Rene's estranged brother visits; M.E. becomes a security guard; the girls play with fireworks.

Sunday, April 28

It's Not About the Butter

Season 2 • Episode 9

M.E. and Rene debate modern-day racism; M.E.'s uncle threatens young Rene's father.

Sunday, April 28

It's Not About the Butter

Season 2 • Episode 10

M.E. and Rene debate modern-day racism; M.E.'s uncle threatens young Rene's father.

Sunday, April 28

Elephants in the Room

Season 2 • Episode 11

Rene represents a murder witness; Mary Elizabeth and Colliar deal with severe financial problems.

Sunday, April 28

That's Our Son, Bobby

Season 2 • Episode 12

The anniversary of Bobby's death puts a strain on Mary Elizabeth and Colliar's relationship.

Sunday, April 28

Say Something

Season 2 • Episode 13

Rene deals with mixed emotions; M.E. trains for her new job.

Sunday, April 28

Eyes Wide Open

Season 2 • Episode 14

M.E. and Colliar date; Rene pursues a singer; young M.E. and Rene try to bury a doll.

Sunday, April 28

A Parent's Job

Season 2 • Episode 15

Colliar takes Davis on a hunting trip, which causes anxiety for Mary Elizabeth.

Monday, April 29


Season 2 • Episode 16

Rene's college friend causes a rift between her and M.E.; young M.E. and Rene see "Mary Poppins."

Monday, April 29

From This Day On

Season 2 • Episode 17

Mary Elizabeth decides to modify her will after she has an allergic reaction.

Monday, April 29

Hey, Ugly!

Season 2 • Episode 18

Rene represents a teen in a malpractice suit; young M.E. and Rene give Tully's cousin a makeover.

Monday, April 29

You Pay Your Dues

Season 2 • Episode 19

Mary Elizabeth contends with the aftermath of a burglary at her job.

Monday, April 29

You Think I Am Lying to You?

Season 2 • Episode 20

M.E's neighbor may be a pedophile; young M.E. and Rene investigate a haunted house.

Monday, April 29

The Toolshed Behind the Church

Season 2 • Episode 21

Rene represents Bill; ME finishes her book; young ME suspects Colliar is cheating.

Tuesday, April 30

It's Who You Sleep With

Season 1 • Episode 11

Rene represents a lesbian couple forbidden to marry on public property.

Wednesday, May 1


Season 1 • Episode 12

Rene represents a family that was kicked off its property; Mary Elizabeth rediscovers her writing.

Thursday, May 2

I Feel Awful

Season 1 • Episode 13

M.E.'s sister jolts Colliar out of depression and irritates Rene.

Friday, May 3

Quit Bein' Such a Scaredy Cat

Season 1 • Episode 14

Mary Elizabeth and Colliar start a business; Klan meeting.

Saturday, May 4


Season 1 • Episode 15

Colliar's organization catches M.E. off guard; Aunt Kiki visits.

Sunday, May 5

It's Your Problem, Not Mine

Season 1 • Episode 16

Kelly dates a black man; Rene defends an addict; James teaches young M.E. and Rene to dance.

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