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Fearless teen Anne Boonchuy is magically transported to a rural marshland full of frog people.

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2019–2022 Series 3 Seasons166 Episodes

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Friday, May 24

Fight at the Museum; Temple Frogs

Season 3 • Episode 4

Anne and the Plantars try to rob a museum; The Boonchuys take the Plantars to the Thai Temple.

Friday, May 24

Fixing Frobo; Anne-sterminator

Season 3 • Episode 5

Polly tries to bring Frobo back to life; a dangerous enemy finally locates Anne and the Plantars.

Friday, May 24

Mr. X; Sprig's Birthday

Season 3 • Episode 6

Anne and the Plantars go to the movies; Anne tries to give Sprig a great Earth birthday.

Friday, May 24

Spider-Sprig; Olivia & Yunan

Season 3 • Episode 7

Determined to make his mark, Sprig becomes a superhero; Olivia and Yunan try to rescue Marcy.

Friday, May 24

Hollywood Hop Pop; If You Give a Frog a Cookie

Season 3 • Episode 8

Hop Pop tries to make it as an actor in Hollywood; Anne trusts a questionable scientist.