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Determined investigators must piece together the final hours of a victim’s life so solve the crime.

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2020– Reality Series 6 Seasons78 Episodes

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Friday, March 8

To Stalk a Co-Ed

Season 4 • Episode 1

A college student is mercilessly strangled to death in her apartment.

Friday, March 8

The Beneficiary

Season 4 • Episode 8

On a quiet summer night in 2010, a killer shoots dead a wealthy La Crosse, Wis., couple.

Friday, March 8

Portrait of a Predator

Season 6 • Episode 6

A highway clean-up crew discovers a suitcase containing the crumpled remains of Valerie Reyes.

Friday, March 8

A Deadly Liaison

Season 6 • Episode 16

On New Year's Eve in rural Pennsylvania, someone burns 23-year-old Ashley Kline to death.

Tuesday, March 12

Frozen Stiffs

Season 6 • Episode 21

On the sub-zero Canadian prairie, Canadian police discover a woman inside her hoarder home.

Tuesday, March 12

It Takes Two to Tango

Season 6 • Episode 19

Devoted father Tray Phelps takes his last breath, murdered just steps from his front door.

Tuesday, March 12

Slaying in St. Petersburg

Season 6 • Episode 5

Detectives hope Landy Martinez 's cellphone provides evidence they need to close in on his killer.