Leslie David Baker

Leslie David Baker Headshot


Birth Date: February 19, 1958

Age: 65 years old

Birth Place: Chicago, Illinois

A relative latecomer to the world of acting, Leslie David Baker drew upon his years as a city administrator in Chicago to lend a sense of authenticity to his role as the often exasperated and sometimes annoyed sales rep, Stanley, on the hit comedy, "The Office" (NBC, 2005-13). Prior to his joining the show, Baker toiled in bit parts on various series, including "That '70s Show" (Fox, 1998-2006) and "Malcolm in the Middle" (Fox, 2000-06) chief among them. But it was his years of experience as a regular office drone that prepared him for "The Office" - a turn that earned him a share of the Screen Actors Guild award for best ensemble and propelled Baker from a total unknown to a widely recognized and much loved performer.