Justin McElroy

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Podcaster • Comedian • Journalist

Birth Date: November 8, 1980

Age: 42 years old

Birth Place: Huntington, West Virginia

Podcaster Justin McElroy commented on all manner of pop culture, from gaming to gas station food, on a variety of podcasts, including "My Brother, My Brother and Me" (Maximum Fun, 2011- ), which paired him with his real-life siblings, Griffin and Travis. Born November 8, 1980 in Huntington, West Virginia, he was the eldest of three sons by veteran radio personality Clint McElroy and his wife, Leslie. His father passed along his penchant for live performance and pop culture - in addition to his radio and television hosting duties, he also illustrated comic books - to his sons, though each initially pursued different interests. After graduating from Marshall University, Justin McElroy wrote business and local government features for Huntington newspapers before joining AOL's video gaming review site Joystiq in 2007. Three years later, he added podcasting to his resume when he and brothers Travis and Griffin launched "My Brother, My Brother and Me" (2010- ). The independently produced advice show, which found the brothers tackling a host of eclectic questions on everything from haunted houses to joining a secret society and learning to flip water bottles, was consistently named on Top 10 podcast lists, and led to the program joining the Maximum Fun podcast and radio network in 2011. McElroy, his siblings and their extended family soon branched out into a full array of other podcasts, from "Sawbones," a show about medical history hosted by Justin and his wife, Dr. Sydnee McElroy; "Monster Factory," a gaming comedy show hosted by Justin and Griffin; and "The Adventure Zone," with all three McElroy siblings and their father talking about the role-playing game Dungeons and Dragons. Justin McElroy also hosted a food-review quiz show called "Things I Bought at Sheetz," in which he and co-host Dwight Slappe discuss and often consume items bought at the East Coast convenience store chain. In 2016, "My Brother, My Brother and Me" served as the basis for a television show of the same name aired on Seeso, NBC's streaming video platform. All three McElroys continued to pursue answers to unusual questions on the television version, which ran for six episodes in 2017.

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