Bob Iger

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Producer • Executive

Birth Date: February 10, 1951

Age: 73 years old

Birth Place: Oceanside, New York

This television executive, long with ABC, worked his way up through their sports division and was ultimately appointed president of ABC Entertainment. Among the series introduced during Iger's tenure are "Doogie Howser, M.D.," "Family Matters," "Home Improvement" and "America's Funniest Home Videos."

Iger is, however, likely to better remembered for some time as the man who in 1991 canceled "Twin Peaks," "China Beach," "thirtysomething," and "Equal Justice," all series which engendered fierce loyalty from their modest-sized but faithful viewers.

In January 1993 he assumed the mantle of president of the ABC Network Group and two months later became senior vice president of Capital Cities/ABC, Inc. Continuing his rise through the corporate structure, Iger assumed the position of president and COO of Capital Cities/ABC in September 1994.

Surviving the buyout of ABC by Disney, he retained his title of president. In February 1999, Iger moved to the newly created post of chair of the ABC Group, retaining overall responsibility for ABC as well as assuming the position of president of Walt Disney International, managing the parent company's activities outside the USA.

He was given the mandate to coordinate Disney's global products and services and would be accountable for the individual managers in each region or country. It was move that Disney chair Michael Eisner said was meant to "give [Iger] much more experience and make him a stronger executive."

The appointment also fueled speculation that Iger was being groomed as Eisner's eventual successor and, sure enough, in January 2000, he was named as president and chief operating officer, the number two man behind Eisner. Iger eventually succeeded Eisner as chief executive of Disney in 2005, and became the company's Chairman in 2012.

In his new role as Chairman and CEO, Iger set out to widen the company's ownership of popular franchises, thus leading Disney in its purchases of Marvel Entertainment and Lucasfilm, in 2009 and 2012 respectively.

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