‘Highway to Heaven’ Reboot: Jill Scott & Barry Watson Introduce Their Characters (VIDEO)

Lifetime has rebooted the classic 1980s series with Jill Scott and Barry Watson stepping into the lead roles in the new take on Highway to Heaven. Scott plays Angela, an angel sent to Earth by God to help those in need and stepping into the role of school counselor, which is how she meets Watson’s Bruce, the principal, who’s in disbelief as he learns the divine nature of her work.

So what makes now the perfect time for the film? “It’s been dark,” Scott said when she and Watson spoke with TV Insider’s Jim Halterman. “We’ve definitely had a lot to struggle with.”

Watson agreed. “We need more love,” he said. “That love and kindness that Michael Landon brought to that show and to give people just hope. We really need that right now.”

Jill Scott as Angela in Highway to Heaven

Justine Yeung/Lifetime

Both were fans of the original, which contributed to them jumping on board the film. “It had been a long time since I saw Highway to Heaven,” Scott shared, “but when I saw the script, I remembered immediately how I felt. I used to love that show. I watched that with my grandma.”

When it came to playing angel Angela, quarantining for two weeks actually really helped Scott. “I was really alone for two weeks, which gave me this awesome opportunity to investigate what I thought an angel was like,” she explained. “I wanted her to be relatable and reachable, I wanted her to be warm, and the biggest emotion that I wanted her to evoke was kindness and presence.”

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Watson’s Bruce has been in his job for over 20 years. “Bruce truly loves what he does. Bruce is somebody who wants to make a difference in young people’s lives,” Watson said. “Maybe there’s something else he’s hiding.”

Watch the video above for more from Scott and Watson about their characters, bringing back Highway to Heaven, and Angela’s powers.

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