Game of Thrones: Bran Stark and Other Familiar Faces Return In Episode 2 (PHOTOS)

Evan Lewis

Last week’s Game of Thrones premiere touched on a staggering number of subplots, pulling viewers along every which way before arriving at it’s attention-grabbing Red Woman reveal. But the show still has even more characters to check in with when Season 6’s second episode airs.

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Along with images of characters like Alliser Thorne and Dolorous Edd, who fell on opposing sides of last week’s Castle Black storyline, HBO has released photos of characters whose stories have yet to begin this season. Most notably, a photo of Bran Stark surrounded by some distinctly south-of-The-Wall looking architecture teases his possible return to civilization.

Other returning faces include Bran’s traveling companion Meera Reed, Theon’s ironborn sister, Yara Greyjoy, and Daenerys’s loyal translator Missandei sitting side-by-side with Varys. Perhaps with another eunuch to talk to about her Grey Worm crush, Missandei will finally get an answer to that burning question: Do they take the pillar and the stones?

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