7 Notable African-American WWE Superstars of the Modern Era

Scott Fishman

WWE is doing its part to celebrate Black History Month by airing video tributes of historical figures within its ranks. Bobo Brazil, Ernie Ladd, Ron Simmons, Rocky Johnson, Dwayne Johnson, Jacqueline, Teddy Long, Ron Simmons and Mark Henry are just a few who helped break down barriers over the decades to pave the way for a new generation of African-American pro wrestlers. They excelled to the top through sheer perseverance, unwilling to accept the status quo.

These beloved figures inspired a new generation of those looking to follow in their footsteps in an effort to build on what they managed to accomplish within their respective eras.

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Click through the above gallery to see seven of these notable WWE superstars of today who are making their own legacies within the business.