‘Prodigal Son’: 6 Wild Moments to Rewatch Before Season 2 (VIDEO)

Prodigal Son Malcolm Bright John Watkins Season 1
David Giesbrecht/FOX

From its first episode, Prodigal Son has had some crazy moments. And what better way to celebrate that insane cliffhanger and its return for Season 2 than by looking back at the wildest scenes?

The Fox drama follows former FBI agent and NYPD consultant Malcolm Bright (Tom Payne) — the son of a famous serial killer, Martin Whitly a.k.a. the Surgeon (Michael Sheen), already locked up at the beginning of the series. While helping Lieutenant Gil Arroyo (Lou Diamond Phillips) and his team with their cases, Malcolm spends the first season also trying to identity a victim of his father’s he is so sure was never found: the girl in the box. He ultimately finds her alive(!)—and even unknowingly dates her sister, Eve (Molly Griggs), who is killed on the orders of the villainous Nicholas Endicott (Dermot Mulroney) — but none of that makes this list.

So what did? We know there are plenty that could be included, but scroll down to see the six we chose. (The first season is streaming on Hulu.)

Malcolm Chops a Guy’s Hand Off

To save the life of a man cuffed to a chair and sitting on top of a bomb, Malcolm chops off the victim’s hand. And to cap it all off, once outside, he points to the EMTs and says, “I gotta give them a hand,” before walking over with the case he’s holding. That sets the stage for the dark humor we’ve come to expect (and adore) from the series.

Owen Shannon Is Killed

In Episode 10, while tracking down the Junkyard Killer — who knew Martin — Malcolm crosses paths with the detective who questioned him when his father was first arrested, Owen Shannon (Sean Pertwee). The two go to speak with the grandmother of their suspect, John Watkins (Michael Raymond-James), and when Malcolm returns from snooping around, he discovers the killer murdered Owen … and John’s grandmother called him.

Malcolm vs. John Watkins

Your best bet is just to rewatch Episode 11, “Alone Time,” in its entirety. After John Watkins kidnaps Malcolm, the NYPD consultant learns all about the infamous camping trip from his childhood, during which Martin had originally been planning to kill his own son for what he knew. Then, after realizing John’s holding him under the Whitly house and is planning to kill his mother and sister, Malcolm crushes his own hand to free himself and save them.

Malcolm’s “Under Pressure” With a Bomb

Malcolm’s supposed to be on vacation when he instead ends up saving the entire team from a bomb at a crime scene in Episode 13, “Wait & Hope.” After medical examiner Dr. Edrisa Tanaka (Keiko Agena) moves the victim’s body, Malcolm recognizes the sound of a landmine activating and leaps into action. From answering a call from Martin to jumping out the window—and landing on Gil’s beloved car—and it all being set to “Under Pressure,” this scene is pure perfection and quintessential Prodigal Son.

Malcolm Stabs Martin

In Episode 14, “Eye of the Needle,” a serial killer leaves Jessica Whitly (Bellamy Young) with a choice: stab her ex-husband Martin in the heart or an innocent woman is killed. (The Carousel Killer blames Martin for his wife’s death; she died on his operating table.) And when Malcolm finds his mother visiting his father with plans to do just that, he intervenes — and stabs Martin himself! (A flashback would later reveal the father and son spoke about where a person could be stabbed in the heart and survive.)

Ainsley Kills Nicholas Endicott

All season long, the question is whether or not Malcolm is just like his father. But the Season 1 finale ends with Malcolm’s sister Ainsley (Halston Sage) brutally stabbing the evil Nicholas Endicott to death after he insists he’ll never be brought to justice legally.

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