It's the 2016 Dads & Grads Gift Guide!

Damian Holbrook


'Tis the season of summertime giving. Before all of those "we can't wait for your wedding!" weekends overtake your warmer months, there's Father's Day and graduations to wrap up. So here's our suggestions for the more entertainment-minded folks on your to-gift list....

Doom Gift Guide

Now that they have finished their homework forever (or at least the summer), hook up the gamer on your list with id Software’s iconic first-person shooter that’s just received a wicked reboot, complete with rampaging demons and crazy smooth movement., $39.99 (Available for PC, Xbox One or Playstation 4)


Bob's Burgers Gift Guide

Bob’s Burgers by Funko
The most quotable cartoon family on TV right now gets their rightful place in the collectible scene with this line of vinyl Pop! and Dorbz figures, including the whole Belcher clan, Buttloose, Teddy and Beefsquatch. They’re the perfect décor for the recent grad’s first desk. and, $8.99


Ncredible Headphones Gift GuideNCREDIBLE1 Headphones
America’s Got Talent host Nick Cannon has taken his role as Chief Creative Officer at Radio Shack to a crystal-clear new level with these exclusive wireless Bluetooth headphones with on-ear controls (handy!) and 15 hours of listening time.
Available exclusively at Radio Shack, $129.99


Kidrobot Gift Guide



Family Guy by kidrobot
Nothing says “Best Dad Ever” better than this plastic salute to Peter Griffin, the worst dad ever. Fresh from the minds of the kidrobot crew, this artsy and hilarious 7-inch reproduction of Peter from Season 4’s “PVT” episode is perfect for any father with a twisted sense of humor. Or maybe a fondness for garters. $24.99


Fantasy Floorplans Gift Guide

Fantasy Floorplans
Art is always a creative gift idea, but you never know if they’re into abstract, pop, pointillism or what. So instead of looking like you’re culturally crippled, show how savvy you are with Brandi Roberts’ brilliant, detailed layouts of famous TV residences. Choose from over 50 small-screen addresses, including The Little House on the Prairie, the Golden Girls’ Miami spread (pictured), Friends’ Central Perk and Don Draper’s Mad Men bachelor pad., prices vary depending on framed/unframed



Superman by Under Armour
Show dad or that son of steel that he’s your hero with this UA compression shirt emblazoned with Clark Kent’s favorite letter. Perfect for the toughest workouts or just hiding underneath a buttoned-up oxford, the line also includes Batman and Flash-themed items as well., $59.99

BvS watch Gift Guide






Batman vs Superman watch
Rocking an attention-grabbing yellow silicone strap and a face that tells the world it’s time to root for Gotham and Metropolis’ main men, Accutime’s watch is a hefty dose of cool for anyone who wears their geek on their sleeve., $24.95


TabPro S Gift Guide

Samsung TabPro S
Part laptop, part tablet, all sleek design and superior computing. The ultra-thin 2-in-1 runs Windows 10 on a 6th Gen Intel Core M processor, boasts a stunning 12-inch AMOLED screen and provides full notebook functionality, making it as perfect for work as it is for playing games, streaming movies and reading e-books., $799.99


Samsung Charging Monitor Gift GuideCharging Monitor
Now, if your grad needs a bit more desktop space for his post-college career (fingers crossed they have one!), Samsung also has this sick 27-inch monitor. Stylistically, it’s gorgeous—the high-sheen white and space-saving T-shaped stand look amazing even when turned off—but it’s what is right below the UHD 1920 x 1080 screen that earns this one an A+: The built-in charging area for all of your wireless charging-compatible mobile devices. No more extra cords!, $239.99