K.C. Undercover: Florence Henderson Dances with a Totally Transformed Zendaya (VIDEO)

Evan Lewis
Disney Channel/Eric McCandless

Zendaya gets a dancing lesson from a frisky Florence Henderson (The Brady Bunch) in this week’s episode of K.C. Undercover.

When K.C. takes on the guise of quippy senior Bernie, Henderson’s fiery character, Irma, takes it upon herself to bring Bernie out of his shell and teach him to dance like no one is watching. But K.C.’s disguise, created for the show by prosthetic makeup artist Ed French, may work a little too well, and she ends up getting more attention from Irma than she expects.

Check out this exclusive clip to see some of Henderson’s moves, and scroll down for more photos of how French has totally transformed Zendaya for her undercover missions.

French preparing Zendaya's makeup for this Sunday's episode, "Dance Like No One's Watching:"

K.C. Undercover

Florence Henderson (left) and Zendaya (right) in "Dance Like No One's Watching:"

K.C. Undercover

French preparing Zendaya's makeup for the May 8 episode, "The Truth Hurts:"

K.C. Undercover

Zendaya in full makeup for "The Truth Hurts:"

K.C. Undercover

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