'One Day at a Time' Season 4 Premiere Month Set at Pop TV

Ali Goldstein/Netflix

One Day at a Time Season 4 is set to arrive in March on its new home, Pop TV.

The announcement was made on Sunday at Vulture Festival during a panel about the series. An exact premiere date was not given.

One Day at a Time was picked up by Pop TV in June after Netflix decided not to move ahead with a fourth season in March.

The series follows the Cuban-American Alvaraz family who live and work in California. Justina Machado, Rita Moreno, Isabella Gomez, Marcel Ruiz, Todd Grinnell, Sheridan Pierce, and Stephen Tobolowsky star.

'One Day at a Time' Cast & EPs React to Pop TV Save

'One Day at a Time' Cast & EPs React to Pop TV Save

A 13-episode fourth season is coming in 2020.

It is inspired by Norman Lear's 1975 television program of the same name. Lear is also a producer on the new version.

Season 4 will run for 13 episodes. The panel featured the creators discussing how the weekly release schedule for the new episodes will allow more audience engagement and for the show to be more topical.

"We're so excited," creator Gloria Calderon Kellett said. "We get to have a breath between each episode."

By Wade Sheridan

Originally published in UPI Entertainment News.