’90 Day Fiancé’: 6 Standout Moments From the Season 7 Premiere (RECAP)

Spoiler Alert

[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for the 90 Day Fiancé Season 7 premiere.]

TLC’s runaway hit 90 Day Fiancé returns this Sunday with its Season 7 premiere featuring seven new couples looking for love around the world.

From age differences to pregnancies to secret children, this dramatic season premiere does not disappoint. Check out our top moments from the highly-anticipated episode—and find out which couples already seem on the brink of a breakup.

Intro Highlights

Right off the bat, there’s a flurry of problems and accusations just in the intro montage. “I am going to be Sasha’s third wife and this is his third child with another woman but we’re going to last,” a noticeably pregnant Emily, 28, proudly states as a video of her fiancé and fitness trainer Sasha, 31, works out in the background. Yes Emily, definitely not a red flag at all.


Cut to other cast member, Michael, 41, driving in a convertible Porsche with his defensive intro: “A lot of people may think I’m an old sleazy rich guy going after beautiful young model from Brazil.” Well, exactly how old is this beautiful young model, Juliana? She was born in 1996, as she holds up a bottle of wine from “her birth year,” as Michael laughs.

Troubles seem ahead for the couple with an almost two-decade age difference, with Juliana crying that the visa interview went poorly. “They asked if I’ve been working as a prostitute for the last 10 years,” Juliana says to the camera.

“What does that make me? A pimp?” Michael quips. And finally, we see the moment each teaser trailer has been holding up as the best line of the season: “No, she’s not a prostitute.” Have the 90 Day Fiancé gods answered our prayers? Do we have another Mark and Nicky on our hands?


In contrast, the same-age couples this season have much more reasonable storylines, but not too reasonable because this is, of course, 90 Day Fiancé.

Anna and Mursel, both 38, have to use a digital translator app to communicate á la Paul and Karine. The clumsily cute duo seem like a good fit, despite the language barrier and Mursel saying how he was trying to keep Anna’s children from a previous relationship a secret (!) from his family. If we’ve learned anything about secret-keeping from the 90 Day Fiancé franchise, it’s that nothing stays hidden for long (I mean, come on Sumit, you were just going to pretend you weren’t married?!).

Tania and Syngin, both 29, argue over a prenuptial agreement, which is a very valid request by Tania, despite her solemnly saying, “I don’t have that full soulmate feeling.” Yikes. And this is all in the first five minutes.

The Birds and the Bees


We officially meet Anna while she’s beekeeping in her hometown of Bellevue, Nebraska. “Of course I get stung but the pain is worth it,” she tells the camera. Hopefully this is not indicative of her new relationship. After being dismayed from “American guys’ d**k pics,” Anna ventured online to a Facebook beekeeping group to meet her Turkish fiancé, Mursel.

Her three sons however are worried about Mursel trying to control them once he arrives in the U.S. Plus, Anna already is stressed about Mursel being averse to drinking due to his religion. Plenty of “honey” puns ensue, so bee warned.

Love at First Sight


Michael reveals he met fiancée Juliana on a “celebrity-filled” Croatian yacht party when she was 20 years old. According to Michael, Juliana was working as a seamstress before being discovered by a modeling agency; regardless, Michael supports her financially, and gave her full access to his credit cards.

Adding to the drama, Juliana was also previously denied a visitor’s visa due to allegations of “nefarious” intentions. Michael has contemplated of moving to Brazil instead, but his shared custody of two young children prevents him from leaving the country, so he opted to bring Juliana to America on the K-1 visa.

Operatic Lingerie


We meet Tania, a self-described “wild woman,” in a lingerie store as opera music plays. A well-deserved nod to the TLC editing team for the ironic music choice as Tania boasts about her toy-filled sex life. The bartender and voting rights activist describes her previous toxic relationship prior to flying on a whim to South Africa to meet a dating app love interest. After that fling was yet another disappointing tryst, she met bartender Syngin while on vacation.

Tania spent months in South Africa with Syngin but felt the racial divide while in the nation, so the couple opted to return to the U.S. With questions of starting their family on the horizon, Tania prepares to help Syngin get accustomed to America.

….And More Lingerie


Robert is also introduced buying lingerie for fiancée Anny prior to her arrival. He describes his ringless proposal to Anny, proudly saying he got engaged after only being with her in person for the duration of an average work day. Robert assures the saleswoman that he plans to redo the proposal on the beach after Anna is in the U.S., but of course as soon as he says that, Anny angrily messages him begging for a money transfer.

Preview Surprise


During the season preview, we see the rest of the couples introduced and storylines teased. Plus, we see that Angela and Michael hot off the 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days are back this season! Total shocker, and we even spot a cringeworthy moment of Angela getting prodded with a Botox needle.

Until next week 90 Day fans!

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