Emily Deschanel on 'Goody-Goody' 'Bones' vs. 'Raw and Gritty' 'Animal Kingdom'


Emily Deschanel told Seth Meyers on Late Night about her love of playing the bad guy on TNT's Animal Kingdom and how it differs from her role on Bones.

"I came from like goody-goody Bones, we're solving crimes and then I'm playing someone who just got out of prison and is raw and gritty," she told Meyers Wednesday.

The 42-year-old told Meyers that in Bones, the fight scenes were highly choreographed, but in Animal Kingdom the fights were "more raw and real."

'Animal Kingdom' Newbie Emily Deschanel on Her Character Angela Facing Off With Smurf

'Animal Kingdom' Newbie Emily Deschanel on Her Character Angela Facing Off With Smurf

Plus, the former 'Bones' star teases Angela's intentions with the Codys.

Deschanel said she recently asked to be in a fight scene on the show and came away injured.

"It was just men fighting and me watching, the way it was written, and as a feminist and as a woman, I took issue with that and I wanted to be part of the fight, but also as an actor, you want something to do," she said.

Deschanel said in the scene she was told to kick a man, but he put his leg up and instead of kicking his abdomen, she kicked his shin and ended up with a sprained ankle.

"I was trying to be tough and then my mommy is taking me to the ER," she said. "I lost all my power."

She ended up in an air cast and crutches for a few days.

The actress also told Meyers about attending The Lion King premiere with her family, as her father, Caleb Deschanel, was the director of photography on the film. She said that she spent the premiere watching Beyonce watch the film.

By Sheri Elfman

Originally published in UPI Entertainment News.