Why the ’80s Was the Golden Age of Soaps (VIDEO)


No doubt the ’80s were the golden age of daytime soaps—and six actors found themselves skyrocketing to heartthrob status.

We recently gathered Kin Shriner (General Hospital), Stephen Nichols (Days of Our Lives), A Martinez (Santa Barbara), Doug Davidson (The Young and the Restless), Don Diamont (The Young and the Restless) and Michael E. Knight (All My Children) in one room to reminisce.

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Nichols, who rose to fame as the one-eyed “Patch” Johnson, recalls whole towns taking lunches just to watch their favorite soap while Diamont (who played Brad Carlton) remembers turning down autographs after being mobbed by fans.

The decade of neon, big hair and exaggerated shoulder pads had an “anything goes attitude of the ’70s with added money,” describes Knight (Tad “the Cad” Martin), where everyone had freedom and fun. Laughs Davidson (Paul Williams), “it was so great because we didn’t know any better!”

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Watch the video above to hear all the soaps stars share their memories. And check back here for individual videos with each soaps star.

Don Diamont

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Kin Shriner

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Stephen Nichols and A Martinez

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