Watch TNT’s ‘Supernatural’ Fan-Favorite Marathon Ahead of the 300th Episode

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Supernatural Episode 300 sneak peek photo

TNT is celebrating the Winchester brothers’ 300th episode — airing February 7 on The CW — with a special fan-favorite Supernatural marathon beginning Monday, February 4.

Over the course of four days, fans of the CW series can tune into TNT to watch 25 of the show’s most beloved episodes, including last year’s animated “ScoobyNatural” installment.

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Jeffrey Dean Morgan and the 'Supernatural' Cast Take Us Inside the 300th Episode

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Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) make one fine supernatural fighting duo as the Winchester brothers who were raised by their father to be soldiers against evil powers. See their finest moments in the episodes airing February 4 through February 7.

Check out the full schedule below. And in case you don’t see your favorite episode listed, TNT encourages viewers to share the missing title on social media using the #SPN300.


Monday, February 4

10am – “Various & Sundry Villains”

11am – “Devil’s Bargain”

12pm – “ScoobyNatural”

1pm – “Tall Tales”

2pm – “Mystery Spot”

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Tuesday, February 5

2am – “Sex and Violence”

3am – “Monster at the End of This Book”

4am – “Good God, Y’all”

5am – “Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid”

10am – “Exile on Main Street”

“Two and a Half Men”

11am – “Two and a Half Men”

12pm – “You Can’t Handle the Truth”

1pm – “Family Matters”

2pm – “Clap Your Hands if you Believe”

Wednesday, February 6

10am – “Hello, Cruel World”

11am – “Defending Your Life”

12pm – “Slash Fiction”

1pm – “The Mentalists”

“What’s Up Tiger Mommy?”

2pm – “What’s up, Tiger Mommy?”

3pm – “Remember the Titans”

4pm – “The Great Escapists”

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Thursday, February 7

10am – “Clip Show”

11am – “Sacrifice”

12pm – “The Things we left Behind”

1pm – “Inside Man”

Supernatural Fan Favorite Marathon, February 4-7, TNT