Miley Cyrus Will Return to TV for a Role in 'Black Mirror' Season 5

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Miley Cyrus will return to acting in the popular anthology show Black Mirror.

The 26-year-old singer and actress confirmed the news Wednesday in an interview with The Howard Stern Show.

Cyrus told host Howard Stern she recently filmed her scenes for the Netflix series in South Africa. She kept details about her character under wraps but said she's "proud" of her performance.

"It was the first time that I've left somewhere feeling really proud of my work," the star said.

"I play one character, but I play a lot of different sides of that character and there's a lot of dimension to it," she added.

The former Disney star said she channeled the experience of losing her home to the California wildfires while playing the role.

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"I learned a lot about myself and I think I was able to kind of use that and put that into it," she said. "Maybe I love it because I love the memory attached to it because somehow art and life were imitating each other the whole time."

Cyrus came to fame on the Disney Channel series Hannah Montana and has since starred in the Amazon show Crisis in Six Scenes. She explained her reluctance to take on big acting projects in an interview with Wonderland in April.

Black Mirror Season 4

"My attention span doesn't love the idea of focusing on being on one project for so many months, especially being a character and not getting to be myself for that amount of time," the singer said.

"I get really deep into the characters I play, just like I do with music," she added. "So for right now, I am so content with where I am, being someone else doesn't sound that fun to me."

By Annie Martin

Originally published in UPI Entertainment News.