Jason Momoa Reprises 'Game of Thrones' Character Khal Drogo on 'SNL'

Will Heath/NBC

Guest host Jason Momoa reprised his iconic Game of Thrones role on this weekend's edition of Saturday Night Live.

Momoa revived the long-dead king in the show's "Khal Drogo's Ghost Dojo" sketch.

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And the musical guests are Mumford & Sons, Mark Ronson and Miley Cyrus.

Shirtless, bearded and speaking Dothraki with English subtitles, he co-hosted the faux talk show alongside SNL player Kenan Thompson.

Together, they greeted characters who had been killed off of Game of Thrones, including Hodor (played by Beck Bennett,) Joffrey (played by Kate McKinnon) and the High Sparrow (played by Pete Davidson.)

When the still-living Brianne (played by Heidi Gardner) appeared, Khal Drogo mistook her for a man, prompting Brianne to say: "Wow! You have a lot to learn about identity politics."

"You're right. Khal needs to learn from Khal's mistake or Khal never win Oscar, never host Oscars" Khal Drogo responds, referring to how comedian Kevin Hart stepped down as Oscars host last week after he was criticized for anti-gay remarks he tweeted several years ago.

The sketch ended with Aidy Bryant making a surprise appearance as Olenna Tyrell and brawling with Joffrey.

Momoa will be seen in the superhero movie Aquaman, starting Dec. 21.

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