'A Discovery Of Witches' Trailer: A Witch & a Vampire Fall in Love (VIDEO)


Teresa Palmer is a witch who falls in love with a vampire played by Matthew Goode in the first trailer for the upcoming television adaptation of A Discovery of Witches.

The clip, released Monday, introduces viewers to a world where witches, vampires and demons live in secret and how each group is in search of a magical book.

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Palmer, who stars as witch Diana Bishop, has obtained the tome and begins a relationship with Matthew Clairmont (Goode) who is also seeking the book.

Things get more complicated for the couple as they fight to protect the tome and deal with the Covenant, a governing body that is against interspecies relationships.

A Discovery of Witches is based on the fantasy book series by Deborah Harkness, who is also an executive producer on the television adaptation. Kate Brooke wrote the screenplay and serves as showrunner.

Alex Kingston, Valarie Pettiford, Lindsey Duncan, Owen Teale, Edward Bluemel and Daniel Ezra also star in the television adaptation.

A Discovery of Witches will air this year on Sky One in the United Kingdom.

By Wade Sheridan

Originally published in UPI Entertainment News.