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First Look at Netflix's Supernatural Teen Series 'The Innocents' (VIDEO)

Guy Pearce, Sorcha Groundsell and Percelle Ascott are set to star in a new romantic drama called The Innocents.

Farren Blackburn is executive producer of the Netflix series and directed six of the first season's eight episodes.

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"When teenagers Harry and June run away from their repressive family lives to be together, they are thrown into an extraordinary journey of self-discovery that derails their innocent dream," a synopsis said. "Secrets kept from them by their respective parents test their love to breaking point; and the extraordinary gift they possess unleashes powerful forces intent on dividing them forever."


The streaming service released a 70-second trailer Thursday that shows the characters' faces interspersed with images of shattering glass and a letter revealing their plan to take off.

The Innocents, 2018, Netflix

By Karen Butler

Originally published in UPI Entertainment News.