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Jeffrey Dean Morgan Reveals Worst Thing Negan Has Done on 'Walking Dead'

Jeffrey Dean Morgan as NeganĀ - The Walking Dead _ Season 8, Episode 1

Jeffrey Dean Morgan says he thinks his character Negan has done something worse than commit murder on The Walking Dead.

Asked recently at a New York Comic Con press conference if there is a scene he filmed in which he wishes Negan made a different choice, Morgan described a moment in Season 7. In the scene, Negan tells his rival leader, Andrew Lincoln's Rick, that he will kill the surviving members of his group if Rick doesn't chop off the arm of his own teen son, Carl, played by Chandler Riggs.

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"That was a rough scene for me," Morgan recalled. "As a [real-life] dad, too, you can't help but think about that stuff every now and again. As much fun as I had that whole episode, that was a rough way to go. Even worse than the killing of Glenn [played by Steven Yeun] and Abraham [played by Michael Cudlitz,] I think, was trying to make a dad cut off his son's arm.

"That being said, I don't really take it back," he joked. "It was important for character development. I'm talking about Rick."

Season 8 of The Walking Dead airs on AMC Sunday nights.

By Karen Butler

Originally published in UPI Entertainment News.