Valentine’s Day TV Viewing for Lonely Hearts


Let’s face it, not everyone is built for Valentine’s Day. In fact, rather than a celebration of romance, it can sometimes induce the Valentine Blues. This holiday isn’t only about roses and boxes of chocolates, there are plenty of tissues to be passed around and bitterness to be spewed, too. Whether lonely, desperate, or otherwise involuntarily single, the uncoupled can accept their fate or they try to make the best of it by coming up with a creative diversions while the lovers in the world prove they couldn’t care less about the loveless.

So, rather than longing for or spending money on gifts and perishables, let’s look at the bright side of Valentine’s Day, even if a relationship isn’t in play: namely, great moments in television. Here are some poignant anti-romantic scenes that are sure to either melt your heart or make you roar with laughter. May watching these clips inspire you this weekend. V-Day, who needs it anyway?

Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown (1975 TV Special)

In what may be the most heartbreaking Valentine’s Day clip of them all, Charlie Brown doesn’t receive any valentines and accepts his fate by betting he’ll have one (or many, as he says in the clip) next year.

Payoff: Getting a good lesson in coming to terms with rejection.

Friends Season 1 Monica, Rachel and Phoebe


Friends, “The One With the Candy Hearts” (Season 1, Episode 14)

Rachel, Monica and Phoebe bid good riddance to memorabilia of their exes for Valentine’s Day by gathering around a bonfire… not in the woods, but in their apartment. Since no one had plans to pop any corks with their significant others; it turned out to be the perfect day for them to purge themselves of those bad memories that put a stain on their hearts by burning things that represented their exes.

Payoff: The affirmation that it’s always better to be single than sorry.


Parks and Recreation, “Operation Ann” (Season 4, Episode 14)

Lovelorn Ann is deserving of a quality man, but Leslie’s attempt to set her up with a date for Valentine’s Day falls through. So it’s on to the next drink—an inevitable next step, where they share each other’s sentiments.

Payoff: Understanding that one should let love come naturally.




Suburgatory, “Blowtox and Burlap” (Season 2, Episode 13)

Self-absorbed Dallas has a bad reaction to a cosmetic procedure then proceeds to hide in the shadow. Embarrassed because she looks like a blowfish, Dallas leaves George to eat an 18-course meal by Chef Julio all alone on this Valentine’s Day.

Payoff: Learning to love the skin you’re in.


The Simpsons, “I Love Lisa” (Season 4, Episode 15)

Goody two-shoes Lisa ignites a fire in frail Ralph Wiggum’s heart after she gives him a Valentine’s Day gift because he didn’t get one from anybody else. When he takes her kindness too seriously, it ends up shattering his heart, figuratively speaking, of course.

Payoff: Remembering not to try to take a mile when you’re only given an inch.