On Chicago Fire, Chief Boden and Sgt. Voight Form an Unlikely Alliance (VIDEO)

Ileane Rudolph

If there were ever a perfect odd couple, it would be Chicago Fire’s orderly, straight arrow Chief Boden (Eammon Walker) and the impetuous, cross-the-line Sgt. Voight (Jason Beghe) of Chicago P.D.

In this first-look clip from tonight’s Fire, Voight offers his “down-and dirty” services to Boden, who’s being set up by a beautiful young neighbor who claims he beat her up. We know, fans, he’s the last guy in the world to abuse women.

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In other firehouse news: The on-probation Severide (Taylor Kinney) gets a surprise visit from Benny (Treat Williams) his not-so-dear-old-dad, and the Chicago Fire Department gala sparks some romantic flames. We vote for some lovin' for poor old Zumba-teaching Cruz (Joe Minosa).

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