Oh Snap! Zapata's in Serious Trouble on Blindspot (VIDEO)

Gregory E. Miller
Paul Sarkis/NBC

Poor  Zapata can't catch a break. Last week on Blindspot, after the FBI agent (Audrey Esparza) provided CIA deputy director Thomas Carter (Michael Gaston) with Jane Doe's case file in exchange for cash to pay off her gambling debt, she thought she was good and done with the dirty stuff. But as the end of the episode made clear, the trouble's just begun.

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Sure enough, as this exclusive clip of tonight's episode reveals, Carter's following through on his promise to keep harassing her. In fact, Carter's taking things to the next level with one game-changing word: bug. And we don't mean the kind that can be stopped by Raid.

Blindspot airs tonight at 10/9c on NBC.