Marvel's Jessica Jones: New Trailer Reveals One-Liners and Big Bads (VIDEO)

Emily Aslanian


Marvel's Jessica Jones released a second full-length trailer today, just 10 days from its premiere.

This time, we get an even closer look at Krysten Ritter's hard-drinking superhero-turned-P.I., curious bartender Luke Cage (Mike Colter), and Kilgrave's (David Tennant) creepy mind-controlling abilities as the show's Big Bad.

Ritter's got some great one-liners (at one point she shrugs off her super-human strength with a single word: "pilates"), plus there's a killer Veronica Mars-esque voiceover. Don't let that fool you though, because this show is still very, very dark.

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Melissa Rosenberg (Dexter) serves as executive producer along with Liz Friedman (Elementary), and Marvel's Jeph Loeb. A Luke Cage series will follow suit behind Jessica Jones, as well as one for Iron Fist, and a second season of Daredevil, eventually culminating with the miniseries Marvel's The Defenders.

Check out the latest trailer below.

See more in the first trailer, which was released in October.

Marvel's Jessica Jones arrives Friday, November 20 on Netflix.